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Sound Artist Seeking Help on Science Based Recorded Art Project


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My name is Margaret and I am a sound artist. I have been recently asked to create a sound work that connects with "hard science." I want to find and use time-line data from a natural phenomena/theory that is interesting. I want to map the subjects of the data on a midi note scale. I also like the idea of using a scientific theory that uses natural phenomena because there might be an opportunity to use recorded samples of the subjects/phenomena as instrumentation. I recognize that this probably isn't very scientific, believe me, I am not clear myself on my approach! :-) In any case, I am looking for suggestions and perhaps a collaborator.


Hope to hear from members that are interested or have ideas for me. Thanks for your time!


Please feel free to email me directly at:


[email protected]

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guys .. its a article for your help

Music Professor Only Canadian Composer Chosen for International Electroacoustic Recording.


Multi-channel, electronic work, generative processes, variables: factors of a science project or sonic art?

University of Alberta Department of Music assistant professor, composer and sound artist Mark Hannesson writes instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed works in attempt to draw connections between instrumental and electronic music.


Recently recorded and released on the CD Expansion Sonora (Modesti Netlabel), Hannesson’s track hidden intensions – a composition developed at the University as one of a series of multi-channel works – is a combination of generative processes and improvisation.


“[Multi-channel electronic work] is music produced fully on a computer,” explained Hannesson. “In this case, all the sounds are synthetic. As a multi-channel piece, it is designed to be played back on more than two speakers. The piece hidden intensions is engineered to be played back on four independent channels.”



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