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Linked Data, Open Data, and Hypography


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Greetings et all,

I wasn't sure where to put this, so on the off chance that this is already a feature, I was wondering how I might set up my Hypography account to link to my twitter account when I start a new thread or reply to a post?


On a related note of which I've implied with the title of this thread, what's Hypography's view on Linked Data and Open Data? IE Semantic Web?

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There is no automated way of doing this, AFAIK. You can always use the bookmark tools though. They link to many social avenues. The "add this" button underneath the Google search bar in the top right will enable you to post to Twitter et al.


As far as semantic web goes, thanks for the link! How would Hypography be part of such an enormous endeavor?

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The place I would start is lurking around #swig on freenode. It's a nifty place with lots of knowledgeable, friendly people working hard on constructing semantics for the web. It's where I'm learning about it.


Additional links:

ReadWriteWeb has decent articles related to social networking, linked data, cloud computing, and the likes.

The #swig logs conversation and keeps an archive of links related to their work. Mine those for the latest and the greatest like Tom Morris's thread on OpenLibrary, the Citizendium, and Linked Data.

W3CSchools has a decent primer for RDF

Facebook added linked data support recently implementing the OpenGraph protocol, I believe.

Alexander may like this, an ontology for describing scripts has been developed.

Tim-Berners Lee has been working on N3 when he has the time. As always, the swig people are looking for help with standardization.

W3C has the standard drafts for RDFS: RDF Schema and RDF: Resource Description Framework.

Joshua Tauberer has a pretty good site for an introduction to RDF.

Simple Knowledge Organization System (skos)


For Hypography, I strongly recommend checking out skos, sioc, foaf, and salt. Those four together strike me as being ideal canidates for giving Hypography machine-readable semantic meaning.

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