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The Secret Codes Of the Greek language.


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The Secret Codes

Of the Greek language.


The language of Holy Scriptures.


The language of the new computer generation.


The final language of the new human generation









Ever since there has been a “contact” between God and man there has been a problem of “understanding” between them. The problem is not due to the language used but to the knowledge they possess. God could speak the language of man but man did not possess the knowledge of God to understand what He told him. God and man might, at a certain moment speak the same language but there was an abyss separating them in terms of knowledge. The lack of “understanding” resulted in a problem of communication which brought about all calamities infesting humanity.

Theoretically speaking, the human beings possessed the knowledge to avoid all the disasters and atrocities that have afflicted humanity, but they have not been able to do so. They had been warned, though. This is why we can speak of a presaged death. Man was aware of his bleak destiny, yet, he has not been able to make the most of this awareness. Man was unable to understand what he was told. Why? Because God spoke as an immortal omniscient while man was a mortal with little knowledge. They did not speak the same “language”. One has to be God to speak that language.

We will start with that “language” so as to understand what God was talking about. We will start with the “codified” language which we ignore and which caused us to make the mistakes that led us to “death”. It is the “language” of the past the use of which requires a knowledge of the future.

Why is common knowledge a prerequisite for “understanding”? Is it not enough to share a common “language”? It is simply because one party does not understand the other one. The fact that one listens to what one is told, does not mean necessarily that one understands. It is as if a modern scientist, who knows all the terms of science, met a primitive man in order to warn him against a danger which threatened him, but it was not obvious, yet, because there were no symptoms.

So, he says: “Beware of the melanoma because it will kill you.“ He is absolutely honest but that cannot help the primitive man, why? Because he is ignorant and he can only understand part of what he is told, not everything. He can understand, for example, he is in danger but he cannot understand where the danger comes from, for lack of knowledge. He does not know what a melanoma is and there is no melanoma yet, for him to be shown.

All he understands of this mysterious contact is that there is something called “melanoma” which is threatening and may kill him. Just that. From that point on, all problems start: When he sees a dangerous snake, he wonders whether it is the “melanoma” he has been warned against. When he sees a dangerous fruit, he wonders whether it is the “melanoma” he has been told about. The truth spoken by the scientist has not helped him, it has driven him into obsession. It has made him fear everything because he is ignorant.

In the meantime, the melanoma has appeared in his body but he has paid no attention because he can not understand in what way it can be dangerous. He thinks snakes and lions are dangerous. Cancer has been consuming his body but he is building fences to be protected from beasts which his ignorance has identified with melanoma. Death has been inside him but he has climbed up the trees to see death coming.

This is what happened with God and His child, man. When He warned man, man was absolutely ignorant while God knew everything. He warned him against what He knew of, but man did not. He warned him against what did not exist at the moment. Once, he Himself saw it, he could give it any name he liked. Later on, when everything came into being, because man failed to understand, he named everything in his own way.

This is where the problem lies. The Word and the knowledge of God remain unchanging while all the rest evolves. God “saw” a system tormenting his son, when it did not exist, and named it “whore”. When the son created the system, he realized that it was tormenting but he sought the “whore”. Therefore the common “language” cannot help. What can save the man? Common knowledge and hence Theosis. That is when he can understand what exactly the Father has told him, when man realizes that the system, he knows by experience, is the “whore” God warned him against.

When we start understanding the “language” of God, we will have come very close to our eternal target. The target of theosis. This is when the Truth of God will come true. It will be proved that he knew everything before it even occurred. It will be proved that what man has done is what God himself had foreseen and had described to him. The Common knowledge will be proved and it will be revealed that the “language” of God is Codified.

It will be proved that smart “snakes” and generous “trees” are notions much closer to the modern man than he ever thought. It will be proved that death, we have been warned of, is different from what we believed and built “fences” to keep away. It will be proved that the beasts, we feared, exist, but it is not enough to climb up the trees to “see” them coming. It will be proved that even the concept of theosis is entirely different from what we imagine.





The Theory of numbers






“Wisdom is necessary. Let those who are intelligent work out the number of the beast. It is a number, a man’s number and it is χξς (666)” (John’s Apocalypse 13.18). "Ώδε η σοφία εστίν. ο έχων νουν ψηφισάτω τον αριθμόν του θηρίου. αριθμός γαρ ανθρώπου εστί. και ο αριθμός αυτού χξς'. (666)" (Αποκ. Ιωάν. 13.18).


An important consideration starts from that quotation of the Apocalypse. Whoever accepts the Apocalypse as a divine piece of work, accepts as well what is written in it as a whole. It is confirmed that there is a number which represents a person as well as a notion that of the “beast”. A person’s only characteristic is the name. We can distinguish one person from another by the name. Names correspond to numbers which are characteristic as well.

A name is a word and a word is made up of letters. Therefore, we have to find the connection between numbers and letters.

The Apocalypse and the Gospels, except that of Matthew, are written in Greek. The Greek language has 24 letters. The letters of an alphabet correspond to a number, so alpha (Άλφα=Α) comes always first and corresponds to number one (1), while iota (Ιώτα=Ι) comes ninth and corresponds to number nine (9). Here comes in another problem. While there are 24 letters there are 9 numbers. Only. Zero (miden =Μηδέν) does not count because it does not represent a letter. It is what is defined by the words… « not a thing » (mite en=μήτε έν). Since we are trying to work out a formula or a table indicating the said connection, we have to make up our minds about the exact correspondence if, for instance, kappa (κάπα =K) is 1 or 10 and omega (ωμέγα =Ω) is 6 or 24.;

At this point, we have to go back to the Word of Christ, who is an expert. The objective of his teaching is the birth of the Son of Man. It takes 9 months for a human being to be born. We are assured that nothing is going to change, not even an iota (ιώτα =ι) which corresponds to number 9, before everything is accomplished as planned. When number 9 is reached, letters start again at the beginning. This is because every number is a step, an important step that hat to be taken. So kappa (κάπα = κ) is 1 and lambda (λάμδα =λ) is the next one, that is 2, and so on.


Correspondence between letters and numbers is shown in the following table:



α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι

κ λ μ ν ξ ο π ρ σ

τ υ φ χ ψ ω ς











1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9





All the above is just literature that can be either rejected or accepted. A theory is well grounded when it is applicable. “Κeys” to a “door” have no value of their own. It is the “door” that renders them precious.

How can we find out that all the above is significant or applicable? How can we find out whether our “keys” have any value? We have to refer again to the Word of Christ and the Gospel.

We have to seek certain elements that will assist us in getting the keys to unlock the concepts. When we read the Apocalypse, we reach a blind alley, trying to imagine the dragons, the leopard or the grasshoppers. Even though imagination can lead us somewhere, the problem remains the same: Some can accept our views, others cannot. Those concepts prove that that scripture text, among others, is locked.

While we are trying to make head or tail of the Gospel, we come to the passage where Jesus rejects the adjective “good” (agathos~αγαθός). Jesus says that God only is good (agathos~αγαθός). “Someone came closer and told him: “good Master is there a good act I have to do to ensure eternal life?” He replied “why do you call me good. No man is good except God” (Matthew 19.16-19.17).. "Και ιδού είς προσελθών είπεν αυτώ. διδάσκαλε αγαθέ, τί αγαθόν ποιήσω ίνα έχω ζωήν αιώνιον; ο δε είπεν αυτώ. τί με λέγεις αγαθόν; ουδείς αγαθός ει μή είς ο Θεός." (Ματθ. 19.16-19.17) We understand Christs words sound like an equation. If we add numbers corresponding to the letters of those two words a “coincidence” is revealed. According to the above table


Θ + ε + ο + ς = Α + γ + α + θ + ο + ς = 28

8 + 5 + 6 + 9 = 1 + 3 + 1 + 8 + 6 + 9 = 28


Therefore, God (Theos~Θεός) = 28 = Good (Agathos~Αγαθός) In the same reply. He does not reject the characterization Master. We see again the identification:

Christ (Christos~Χριστός) = 46 = Master ( Didaskalos~Διδάσκαλος).

Christ, speaking to the Jews, said that if they pulled the church down, he would rebuild it in 3 days and the Apostles connected it with his Resurrection. It took 46 years to build the Church. Prophet Isaiah foresaw that Virgin Mary would give birth to a son who would be sacrificed for the sins of the world and his name will be Emmanuel (Emmanuil~Εμμανουήλ) = 33


33 refers directly to the age of Christ at the time of the Sacrifice, therefore, Christ was, at the time, Emmanuel (Emanuil~Εμμανουήλ) = 33. Christ in his Word does not reveal directly his identity but uses mysterious definitions. He introduces Himself as the Son of Man comparing himself to the light or to the truth: (John 8.12) “I am the light of the world” (Ιωάν. 8.12) “Εγώ ειμί το φώς τού κόσμου” Christ is the light and we must find out what He means by that.

An oil lamp produces light and so does the most powerful luminary, the sun. We seek His identity in the concept of a luminary which is absolute instead of the concept of light which is relative. The sun produces more powerful light than an electric lamb. If Christ is the Son of God, then his light can be compared only to that of the Sun. Sun (Ilios~Ήλιος) = 33 = Emmanuel (Emanuil~Εμμανουήλ) and Luminary Sun (Fostiras ilios~Φωστήρας Ήλιος)= 77 = Son of the Man (Iios tou Anthropou~Υιός του Ανθρώπου).

In John’s 18.37, Christ says something obscure “I was born and came to the world in order to tell the truth. Those who come from truth, listen to my voice”"Εγώ είς τούτο γεγέννημαι καί είς τούτο ελήλυθα είς τόν κόσμον, ίνα μαρτυρήσω τη αληθεία. Πάς ο ώς εκ της αληθείας ακούει μου της φωνής". His word, at this point is complicated. He reveals the reason for His birth which is to tell the truth while at the same time he assures us that what he says is true. His identification with truth is indirect because He tells the truth and he is listened to by those who “come from truth”. He is the Truth and this is His Testimony. All that is True since He confirmed it. Truth (Alithia~Αλήθεια) = 33 = Testimony (Martyria~ Μαρτυρία) = Martyr (Martyras~ Μάρτυρας).

The person who refers to the truth is Christ. Christ (Christos~Χριστός) = 46 = True (Alithinos~Αληθινός) = All True (Panalithis~Παναληθής) is the Son of Man who was born to save the world by lighting it with the testimony of Truth. Son of Man (Yios tou Anthropou~Υιός του Ανθρώπου) = 77 = Redeemer of the World (Sotiras tou Kosmou~Σωτήρας του κόσμου) Glare of Truth = (Lampsi tis Alithias~Λάμψη της Αλήθειας)

In his parable of the grapevine Christ calls himself Grapevine (Ampelos~Άμπελος) = 33. We draw the conclusion that He knew the keys and used them in His mission.

What was His mission? That’s the mystery of His presence difficult to be revealed by the human mind without help. It is difficult for man to perceive how the crucifiction of a man almost secretly accomplished in the “shadow” of history, could save the entire humanity.

His mission is revealed only in the scripture texts which describe it. “Opening” those texts requires knowledge of the code in which they are written. That is not simple because there may come to light facts against the interests of the establishment. Revelations are bound to affect interests. The bigger the revelations, the greater the interest. When revelations are made through numbers, matters get even worse. Numbers “talk”. They do not hesitate and they are not afraid to “tell” what they mean.

It has always been like that. In the years of the Roman Empire, when Christ made the revelations that regarded Him. In an empire whose function was based on the Greek religion, a Jew appeared who possessed the “keys”; the cryptic keys to the Greek religion and therefore to the Greek language. Those “keys” rendered him recognizable and then ruler of Rome. Those keys rendered him Ruler of the World which he still is through Christianity. Such “transition” is not strange for those who know about “apocryphism”. One can conquer the house of God by means of special keys, not with weapons or through democratic procedures.

The “keys” to the house can distinguish the real “heir” from any usurper or contender. The ability of the “heir” to prove his identity is due to the fact that he is able to move all over the house and therefore to open all doors. Claiming the house of God was for Jesus as easy as a piece of cake because he possessed the “keys”. He had inherited what nobody ever had.

He spoke in a way recognized by the “administrators” of the House. That is the Greek administrators and mystics of the cryptic mysteries of their own world. It was a world where Dionysus mysteries dominated and people awaited His arrival. He spoke in a familiar way recognizable by the initiates who ruled the empire. It was a world where the uncontested god was Dionysus, Jesus spoke like Dionysus. What did he say? That he was the “grapevine”, that his blood was wine. Even now, illiterate Christians giggle when referring to Dionysus and his “sinful” “habits” However, they cannot explain the fact that the Holy Communion is the blood of their God in form of wine. They cannot explain the fact that Christ was first recognized as God man by those who held “primitive” tenets.

When we say that we own the keys to the scripture texts, we refer to the proof of the aforementioned. According to those “keys” Christ tells the truth, it is reasonable to assume that Christ (Christos~Χριστός) = 46 = All True (Panalithis~Παναληθής) = True (Alithinos~Αληθινός) tells the Truth. He has never lied. He has never claimed he was the Son of God. He was always insisted he was the Son of Man. It was his title. He said he was the “grapevine” and had come to the world to save it. Son of Man (Yios tou Anthropou~Υιός του Ανθρώπου) = 77 = Redeemer of the World (Sotiras tou Kosmou~Σωτήρας του κόσμου) = God Dionysus (Theos Dionisos~Θεός Διόνυσος).

What is the problem? Christ was quite truthful when he said what he “had time” to tell as or at least what he wished to tell us. He was never asked about the essence of his mission. He never mixed with the mystic of those times. Illiterate and crafty Jews followed him in order to be granted the administration of his capital. It was all they cared for. Hungry people dream of a square meal as the saying goes. They all saw but they could not understand what was going on. They dreamed of imperial tiaras and the “infallibility”. When later on the mystic “discovered” Christ, He was no longer alive to explain what His purpose was.

The result was tragic. The “light of the world” led man to absolute darkness. The All true led man to absolute lie. The Church of Christ introduced man to the Dark Ages of Inquisition. The administration of His servants led humanity to bloodshed. The Son of God established the most cruel religion ever known; a religion that never respected anyone or anything. The religion that eliminated entire civilizations, the religion that discovered and used nuclear weapons against human beings.

Why all those tragic developments? Because the mystic understood WHAT Christ said but they did not understand WHO he was. They perceived his Divine nature they did not perceive His role. Their knowledge allowed them to recognize Him but it was not enough to understand what he intended to do and in what way. They had no “keys” to perceive His mission through scripture texts foreseeing His arrival.

Having those “keys” to the scripture texts constitutes complicated issue. Why? Because those “keys” are not destined just to confirm facts that are indisputable. There is no need to confirm the identity of God man when billions of people believe is Him. If that was the role of the “keys”, the mystic could have used them to confirm the role of Christ centuries ago.

Those mystic did not have those “keys” because they were not meant to have then. Their purpose was not to reveal the role of Jesus. Their purpose was to distinguish him from others who might falsely profess the same as he did. To get to know Jesus through His Word, the mystic should find out what He preached and what He did during His life, to find out that he claimed he was the grapevine and not the “apple tree” for example, to find out He worked miracles and people admired Him, to find out about His kindness, his demeanour towards his enemies.

The “keys” hold another role; “to place” Christ in the right time and place so that we can perceive His role in the history of humanity, to understand what He Himself knew but “has had no time” to reveal, what He did not reveal deliberately, serving his Holy Mission, “hurrying” to get crucified before being forced to tell the whole truth.

The “keys” would allow us to understand all that regarded Him and remained in the “shadow” of His presence on the Earth and He knew it. They would allow us to understand why He was called Jesus, while everybody was expecting Emmanuel what he meant by saying He would bear the sins of Humanity, what He meant by saying that He had not come to bring peace but to use the “sword”. How can one understand that, if one does not know the “keys” to the scripture texts? The scripture texts that describe a divine planning where Jesus holds the leading role.

If one accepts the scripture texts as such, one should believe them. In this respect matters get complicated. Christ left hastily avoiding to provide explanations as to how he would save the world. The scripture texts remained as they were and so did those who administrated them, those who ascended thrones in the name of the Lord and the Holy scriptures what does that mean? It is simple. Jesus was what he said, but also what he “has had no time” to say. What He said was true, but his preaching was violently “interrupted” because of his Crucifixion.

Scripture Texts, by means of keys, reveal what the Lord “has had no time” to say. What do they reveal? The most dreadful and dreary facts the human mind has ever thought of. Jesus was truly the one who bore the sins of the world. That means nothing with no knowledge. When one knows the “keys” and history can understand what it really means. The Lord took on all responsibility in order to lead us to redemption. He bore the sons since He made up his mind as to the shepherd He would entrust us to. Because of his death his sins passed on to His successor.

So, the initial question returns. Who was Jesus who decided to prepare all this assuming the responsibility? Who was the individual who introduced himself as the Son of Man? Who was the person who acted as the Beast of the Apocalypse? Is it not what the Christians have dreaded for centuries? Are they not afraid of the Beast? Are they not afraid of number six hundred sixty six of the Apocalypse, of the ancient serpent? Are they not afraid of being eaten away by the Beast and end up is its belly? Are they not afraid of following drunkards and getting drunk? Are they not afraid of getting “blind” and cannot see the truth? What they are afraid of and wish it never happened to them, have already experienced it.

They have had all nightmares described in prophesies. Why? Because they did not know the scripture texts. They had no “keys” to open them. They did not have the elementary faith in God who advised them to keep away from His knowledge in order to protect them. The result was tragic. No one had enough knowledge in order control the others, so everybody got trapped. The only one who possessed the knowledge had already been crucified and the person who followed Him was Peter who was entirely ignorant, if Christians had known the scripture texts, they could have known that something painful was following. They would have known who was the dangerous drunkard who would get them drunk as well. They would have known who was the Accuser (kategor) who would lead them to the scene of martyrdom. They would have known who was the infidel who would appear as the faithful witness.

They would have known who was the swine who would transform them into swine and lead them to the Abyss. They would have known who was the Beast that would eat them away. They would have known why the Redemption of the world was a one-way street for Jesus. They would have known why the Sinless bore the sins of the world in order to save it.

This is why Christ wanted to avoid the ordeal but He was not concerned about himself. He was concerned about ordinary people. He was not horrified at his own sacrifice but at the sacrifice of people. On the way to the Cross, He urged women who were crying for Him, to cry for themselves and their own children. He was aware of what was coming next and He could not change anything. He knew that at the moment of His crucifixion, the Beast was “born”. He knew what men did not know.

He referred to their ignorance when He said “they do not know what they are doing” “ου γαρ οίδασι τι ποιούσι”. Ever since His death men have regretted their birth because of Christianity. His words have been confirmed very often: (Lucas 23.28) “Daughters of Jerusalem do not cry for me, you had better cry for yourselves and your children”. (Λουκ. 23.28) "θυγατέρες Ιερουσαλήμ μη κλαίτε εφ εμέ, πλην εφ εαυτάς κλαίετε και επί τα τέκνα υμών"

His sacrifice was inevitable because it was the only way to redeem humanity, it was the only way for human society to achieve the current level of technology which constitutes the basic condition for redemption.

Human society would contribute to its own salvation through fasting and hard work. For the common purpose, the Father would contribute the capital and the child would contribute the work. It takes sacrifices to hope for salvation. Man had to fast in order to get saved. Humanity had to be crucified in order to get saved. That was its labour. Cross (Stavros~Σταυρός) = 36 = Peter (Petros~Πέτρος) = Fast (Nistia~Νηστεία) = Labour (Ergasia~Εργασία).

The plan has been unfailingly implemented, as it becomes divine plans. “Not one iota” changed. What Jesus said, was fully confirmed. What He said was absolutely true. His crucifixion was the foundation of the plan. Whoever met him when alive had had not enough knowledge to ask questions and whoever possessed the knowledge never met him when alive. All that was described in a “codified” way in the scripture texts which have been fully confirmed.

Christ, being the “Grapevine”, offered his blood to men but it was so pure that man got drunk. Man was given unmingled wine which he could not endure. That is the trap giving birth to “beasts”. Christ came as a living God. Death turned Him into Antichrist. Absolute Good turned into Absolute Evil because of wrong administration. An “atomic bomb” in the hands of ignorant criminals can only cause lamentation and catastrophe. Why? Because this is how the world could be saved.

At that time, the world was not ready to conceive the Truth of God. The world was not ready to see the Holy Infant without “going blind”. It was not ready to drink His blood without getting drunk. What was important and affected the final resolutions was the fact that the world was not prepared to benefit from the knowledge of God. The world was too weak to survive in imperfect conditions. A perfect man cannot live in hovels on no food. A perfect man cannot move about in an ox-cart.

Man would have to become god. Man should earn his living by working few hours. Man should be free to make choices without being refrained by survival instincts. Man should be able to travel faster than wind. His voice and image should reach every place on the planet when man wishes it. Man should be able to cure himself from diseases. Nothing of the above was possible at the time. Nothing was possible before we entered the industrialization and new technology era.

This is why tough Christianity was established. Human technology as a whole is the result of tough Christianity. It was God’s decision to sacrifice his Son in order to “build” the new world, to sacrifice his Son for the sake of technology and save the world. Those who serve this purpose are the true followers of God. It is those who bring salvation closer to man. = Salvation (Sotiria~Σωτηρία) = 41 = Faithful (Pisti~Πιστοί) = Technology (Technologia~Τεχνολογία).

God founded the future world on Jesus who was tough and determined. Jesus by his sacrifice became the beast bearing number six hundred sixty six. That was the beginning of the Salvation of the world, not the beginning of its end. Jesus (Iisus~Ιησούς) = 42 = Beast (Thirion~Θηρίον) = Granite (Granitis= Γρανίτης), when six hundred sixty six (exakosia exiconta ex~εξακόσια εξήκοντα έξ) = 77 = Beginning of the Creation (Archi tis ktiseos~Αρχή της Κτίσεως) = Salvation of the World ( Sotiria tou Kosmou~Σωτηρία του Κόσμου). The new world of God was founded on hard Granite. The world of the Great Architect.. The Bright Square city (Lamperi tetragonos polis~Λαμπερή Τετράγωνος Πόλις) = 77, “promised” by the Apocalypse.

It was a tough decision that parents are fully aware of when they “torture” their children for a while so that they “do well” later in life. It was an unpleasant decision for man who would have to make a sacrifice. It was a reasonable reaction given that man behaves like God’s child. Is there a child who would not enjoy playing all day long? Is there a child who would not resent being forced to give up playing in order to study or work? It is a hard decision that offends but it is made out of love and on the basis of the child’s own interest and not that of the parent who makes the decision.

Something similar has happened with humanity. Figures are just tremendous and seem disproportionate when referred to the ordinary man.

God’s justice is based on the fact that He has not exempted Himself from the implications of such a hard decision. His was even harder for the one who accepted to set the “example” of sacrifice and was crucified. This is what the Father did : He sacrificed his Son to set an example for the other children of His. Being a father he decided to educate his children and then make them work for their welfare. Cross (Stavros~Σταυρός) = 36 = Education (Pedia~Παιδεία) = Labour (Ergasia~Εργασία).

He got into the Abyss in the shape of His Son, in order to be followed by the whole flock. He killed his son in order to disperse “death”. There would be no more “play”. Everybody would “set to work”, the son leading the way. Man entered the underworld under fully controlled circumstances following His beloved son. Man entered the underworld in order to work for his own salvation. It was an extreme hard and painful task. God’s underworld (Kato Kosmos tou Theou~Κάτω Κόσμος του Θεού) = 73 = World of the Dead (Kosmos ton nekron~Κόσμος των νεκρών) = House of Jesus (Ikos tou Theou~Οίκος του Ιησού) = Short Time (Mikros Chronos~Μικρός Χρόνος).

Numbers simply confirm the perfect plan. Antichrist, everybody is afraid of, is the Dead God of his own free will. The dangerous wine that makes us drunk and leads to the abyss, is the unmingled wine of supreme knowledge. The Holy Infant is the supreme Mind and the Great Architect of the Universe. Antichrist (Antichristos~Αντίχριστος) = 61 = Dead God (Nekros Theos~Νεκρός Θεός) = Unmingled wine (Akratos Inos~Άκρατος Οίνος) = Supreme knowledge (Ypertati gnosi~Υπέρτατη Γνώση) = Holy Infant (Thio Vrefos~Θείο Βρέφος) = Beloved son (Yios Agapitos~Υιός Αγαπητός) = Supreme Mind (Ypertatos Nous~Υπέρτατός Νούς) = Great Architect (Megas Architekton~Μέγας Αρχιτέκτων).

What humanity is going to enjoy from now on will be due to Godman Jesus, who respected His Father’s plan and carried it out to the letter. It will be due to God’s Beloved Son. Men, regardless of religion, colour or race will enjoy Theosis because Father, who sacrificed Himself for them, wished so.

The reader realizes that everything was inevitable since it was God’s wish. His plan was “meant” to be applied with absolute accuracy and nothing could stop that. Once Antichrist was part of the plan, he was bound to appear and function in the way he was scheduled to. No man and no power could change the destiny of man.

Over religious Christians have been a typical group of people who thought they could stop such a development. If it had not been a tragic case, it could have been ridiculous. Why? Because even though they have lived believing fanatically in Holy Scriptures, they disputed them by their attitude. While they believe that Antichrist is bound to appear, they think they will defeat him. They think they will be the elect who will recognize him and defeat him.

Antichrist passed by and they did not even notice his “dust”. They did not even get a vague idea of what happened. They are still waiting and running after Shadows. They have been run down by the cavalry and they kill “butterflies” just in case they touch them. Terrible things even to think of. In the meantime they are looking for a cave to hide in when time comes and quarrel over barcodes on products at the supermarkets. The “short time” mentioned in the Scripture texts is naively interpreted as a three month period to be spent in the mountains on honey and flour.

Those swearing they will defeat Antichrist, are his great victims. They were stamped and entered the prison of the Satan without having realized it. They followed the Evil One and became infidel because of having been stamped. Seal (sfragis~Σφραγίς) = 42 = Infidel (Apisti~Άπιστοι) = Satan’s prison (Filaki tou Satana~Φυλακή του Σατανά) = Evil One (Poniron~Πονηρόν). They have been tortured day and night because they cannot get away from the destiny of those, whose forehead would be stamped, of those who would enter eternal hell, of those who would follow the founder of Christianity.

Why have they got trapped? Because, even though they know the Holy Scriptures, they have not been able to interpret them. Inadequate knowledge keeps them trapped. They want to become gods their own way not the way provided. They want to achieve individually what will be common to everybody when granted. What do they do? They repeat the original sin and obtain knowledge on their own.

They get closer to the tree of knowledge and fall into the trap of the Serpent, the Ancient one. They hang around the first born of the Dead and His throne because they think it is to their interest. Tree of Knowledge (Dendron tis Gnosis~Δένδρον της Γνώσης) = 90 = First born of the Dead (Prototokos ton nekron~Πρωτότοκος των Νεκρών) = Lord of men (Kirios ton anthropon~Κύριος των ανθρώπων) = Beast’s Throne (Thronos tou thiriou~Θρόνος του Θηρίου) = Beast’s followers (Pisti tou Thiriou~Πιστοί του Θηρίου). The result is what we have described. They hang around Jesus without knowing his role.

This has been the problem from the very beginning when man sought the knowledge of God. He has had it with the Father and then with the Son. He seeks but he does not know what he gets. He does not understand what he is told and gets destroyed. He does not know the “codes” of the Divine Word and therefore the codes of the Holy Scriptures describing the Divine Word. The history of humanity would have been different if man had been able to understand the essential of God’s Word. Even when he knows something, he cannot identify his knowledge with prophecies. In that case, everything could have been entirely different. This is what happened from the very first moment of the “contact”. Is there anyone who does not know about the original sin? What is the original sin and how does it contribute to the development of human knowledge? Descriptions are contained in the Holy Scriptures and are given by God. Obscure descriptions in the Scriptures and the existence of intelligent beings apart from Man, lead to misunderstanding and thus to the trap. While men know about the original sin, they cannot perceive it.

According to Scriptures there is a being, the Serpent, which is the most intelligent being in Heaven. What is the Serpent? Is it possible that Serpents could have been more intelligent than Man? Why did Eve get trapped instead of Adam? What was the tree of knowledge and why was it forbidden to try its fruits? What was the tree of life? Why did not man die as foreseen, even though he ate the forbidden fruit? Is Death something else? Why did God threaten the woman that her children would have a conflict with those of the Serpent? Why did he threaten her with dependence on her husband and submission to his power? Why would rivalry between the children be limited to stepping on the serpentine Head and hurting the Human heel?

All that is well known to everybody. All men have known that for centuries. What they do not know is that the serpent is not the one we know but something else. That can be revealed only through numbers. If the reader sees what the numbers indicate, he will understand that the above description is real and not a myth. Serpent (Ofis~Όφις) = 27= Python (Pithon~Πύθων) = Adder (Ehidna~Έχιδνα) = Man (Αndras~Άνδρας) = Male (Arsen~Άρσεν). The serpent, the most intelligent being in Heaven is nothing but a “locked” word which characterizes the man. The man was hanging around the area of knowledge which could plunge humanity in infinite darkness. The Son of God was a man, too. The reason for which the man seduced Eve is now obvious. The woman had the power and had to exchange it for the fruit of knowledge.

She committed the mistake and the system of patriarchy was established, as a result. It was a system that God knew and told man to avoid it. System (Sistima~Σύστημα) = 32 = Whore (Porni~Πόρνη). She was the sinful Eve. The sinful Babylon of the Scripture Texts. Everyone knows that. What they do not know is that Babylon (Vavilon~Βάβυλων) = 19 = Female (Thili~Θήλυ) = Wood (Ksilon~Ξύλον).

She became the “wormwood” which tempted humanity to sin. She became the “mother” who produced sinners. But there is an end to all this, which is coming closer. Soon there will be rapid developments meant to affect the destiny of humanity. The Holy Scriptures will get “opened” to prove that everything “had been locked”. The Locked Word will be revealed and everything will be distributed to men to live like Gods. It will be proved that so far men have been looking at the world from the wrong point of view. The Gates of Hell will open to let people get out instead of getting in as they fear.

This is what we have been expecting, not the Doomsday which has already taken place but nobody has realized it. We have been expecting to see the Judge of the Underworld reveal everything to us. We have been expecting to see the sinless Heir distribute everything to men. We have been expecting the Immortal Man to render us equal to Him. We have been waiting to see him to turn up as a flashing lightning visible by everybody as promised by Christ. We have been waiting to see the Salvation of the world and enjoy it. We have been waiting to be taken down from the Cross. Now that we have been educated we can perceive it. We have worked hard for it and we are entitled to it.

Now, we are ready to enter the, Kingdom of Heaven (Vasilia ton Uranon~Βασιλεία των Ουρανών) = 80 = Immortal Man (Athanatos Anthropos~Αθάνατος Άνθρωπος) = Infallible Heir (Amomos Klironomos~Άμωμος Κληρονόμος) = Locked Word (Klidomenos logos~Κλειδωμένος Λόγος) = Cornucopia (Keras tis Amalthias~Κέρας της Αμάλθειας) = Flashing Lightning (Astrapi Astraptusa~Αστραπή Αστράπτουσα) = Judge of the Underworld (Kritis tou Kato Kosmou~Κριτής του Κάτω Κόσμου) = Tree of Life (Dendron tis Zois~Δένδρον της Ζωής). It is a question of time to prove that there is only one God and that all religions are his own creations serving a plan made in the interest of His Son. All Holy Scriptures will open and everything will be revealed to men. It will be proved that texts, apparently irrelevant, such as the Apocalypse or Homer’s Epics were his own creations which functioned in a specific way.

Yet, will everything be perfect for everybody? Of course not. Some will be punished for not having done their duty and having done wrong to Man. Some received a lot from God and gave nothing to man and now they are being threatened with punishment. They have been warned about it. Christ warned good-for-nothing servants he would punish them if they were found inadequate during the Last Judgment.

The Allpowerful Lord will enter His House when least expected, and he will be able to see for himself what is going on in it.

The reader can understand the Divine Intelligence where everything is visible and hidden at the same time. He can understand how Holy Scriptures “converge” and how they have been describing the truth, without threatening the secret plan. All peoples and religions have received part of the Truth of God no matter whether they can make the most of it or not, no matter whether they appreciate what they have got or not.

One of those peoples are the Greeks. They received their share of the Truth of God through the Epics. Theoretically, and for centuries they have known how their Lord would return, no matter if they could not make the most of it. To perceive that, we should start seeking a person whose individual history is similar to that of Christ.

Who is the Lord whom the Greeks have known very well without being able to perceive his role? Who is the Almighty Lord who returns secretly home to punish those responsible for atrocities happening in there? Who is the Almighty Lord who “goes through” the Underworld coming out alive? Ulysses, the most powerful and lonely hero of the Epics. The conqueror of Troy. The only Lord capable of claiming his heritage even though it seems impossible.

The chatter of numbers is now incessant. Ulysses (Odysefs~Οδυσσεύς) = 46 = Ingenius (Polytehnos~Πολύτεχνος) = All Conquering (Pandamatoras~Πανδαμάτορας) = Untiring (Halkenderos~Χαλκέντερος) = Fire and Fury (Pir kai mania~Πυρ και Μανία) = Katharsis (Katharsis~Κάθαρσις) = Alltrue (Panalithis~Παναληθής) = True (Alithinos~Αληθινός) = Christ (Christos~Χριστός). He is disputed by his infidel servants who wish he got lost in his trip and never came back. He has been waited for by his followers to come back to his island, at last, the island where all sorts of atrocities have happened. Island of Ithaca (Nisi tis Ithakis~Νησί της Ιθάκης) = 81 = Christianity (Chistianismos~Χριστιανισμός).

When the great hero comes back to his island everything will be as described in the Scripture texts. He will enter His House secretly to measure everybody and everything. He will “kill” all suitors and punish infidel servants most severely. He is the Ulysses of the Greeks, known as Christ among the Christians. He is the only one who can abolish the Throne of the Beast. Ornate House (Ikos kekosmimenos~Οίκος κεκοσμημένος) = 90 = House of Ulysses (Ikos tou Odyseos~Οίκος του Οδυσσέως) = Throne of the Beast (Thronos tou Thiriou~Θρόνος του Θηρίου) = Tree of knowledge (Dendron tis gnosis~Δένδρον της Γνώσης) = Followers of the Beast (Pisti tou Thiriou~Πιστοί του Θηρίου) = Death of the suitors (Thanatos ton mnistiron~ Θάνατος των Μνηστήρων).

The time we have waited for, has come. The time when the Lamb will appear and beat Death. This is what we have been waiting for. Few moments separate us from sunrise. There remain few moments in the dark for men, in the dark which becomes absolute before “dawn”. Those are the moments we live currently. We have been waiting for the one who will not get drunk with unmingled wine. We have been waiting for the Infallible Heir. We have been waiting for Christ to conclude his Odyssey and save his “island” at last.

Then all humanity will experience changes. If developments on Ulysses’ Island, which represents Christianity, are catalytic, all religions will undergo the same changes. Why? Because all religions have been created by the same God since he is One and Unique. Every religion has held its own role in the Divine Plan and everything results in universal redemption.

In this respect the reader may have some objections. Let us suppose, for example, that Islam “follows” Christianity because of their common origins. It shares the same “tradition” and has a respective ritual. What would eastern religions have in common with that ritual? Hinduism and Buddhism, for example?

In the cryptic knowledge of those religions, we seek their connection with God. In the cryptic knowledge, which is transferred to their societies by means of symbols. What did the Hindu, for example, know as regards the secret plan? What did they “see” and what do they “know” about it?

The Hindu “saw” Alexander wandering in their region. They stopped his course and were not affected by the knowledge of the Greeks. They were the only ones who did not. Why? Because it was forbidden to them. What did they see? They saw the legend of Europa. They saw Zeus in the shape of a bull “elope” with her. They saw His Son galloping on Voukefalas (Bull Head). They saw the Man of the Scripture texts taking European Macedonia allover Asia. They saw Alexander, the “bullhead” of their scripture texts. Alexander (Alexandros~Αλέξανδρος) = 45 = Bullhead (Taurokefalos~Ταυροκέφαλος) = Great Macedonian (Megas Makedon~Μέγας Μακεδών).

There is no “Serpent” for them. The “locked” word representing man is the word “bull”. Man (Andras~Άνδρας) = 27 = Serpent (Ofis~Όφις) = Male (Arsen~Άρσεν) = Bull (Tavros~Ταύρος).

This is what they knew and what they “saw”. They saw a “pregnant cow” seeking a place to drop her “baby”. They saw the dangerous Greek system with the “infant” in its belly seeking desperately a place to lay it. She was not allowed to, so she returned to Babylon. The knowledge of that system was forbidden to them to try its flesh or to kill it. Why? Because the infant, they look forward to, may be reborn from the sacred “cow”. This is why cows are sacred in Hinduism. They are not to be touched because “one of them” may give birth to the “infant”. They have seen the phenomenon and hope to see it again. When the Hindu see the Greek system “reproducing” they will recognize it because they posses the proper knowledge.

The same goes for Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion with specific features. It is the religion of expectations, passive expectations. Its basic belief is that through continuous incarnation of soul, there will be a final judgment and therefore “vindication”. What does that mean? That it does not take part in procedures.

There have been reassurances that Buddhism will be included in the “feast” of humanity. There has been a promise that the Great Dragon will appear.

Symbols of their feasts are based on that. They believe that a light will appear in the sky out of the dark. It will be an artificial light like their fireworks. This is when the Great Dragon will appear to benefit them.

The Dragon represents for Buddhists the same as the Bull for Hindu. They have “heard” of the Great Dragon but they have not “seen” him. He has not appeared in their region. They have heard of the “monster” that will “benefit” them but it will not be born in their world. It will come from another world to benefit them, as promised by their God. Dragon (Drakon~Δράκων) = 24 = Monster (Teras~Τέρας) = Macedonian (Makedon~Μακεδών) = Gift (Doro~Δώρο). When Great Dragon (Megas Drakon~Μέγας Δράκων) = Great Macedonian (Megas Makedon~Μέγας Μακεδών) = 45 = Alexander (Alexandros~Αλέξανδρος) = Messiah (Messias~Μεσσίας).

We understand that everybody has been waiting for the same person without knowing it. Christians and Jews have been waiting for Messiah. Greeks have been waiting for Ulysses. Hindu has been waiting for Bullhead and Buddhists for the Great Dragon. Messiah (Messias~Μεσσίας) = 45 = Ulysses (Odyseas~Οδυσσέας) = Bullhead (Tavrokefalos~Ταυροκέφαλος) = Great Dragon (Megas Drakon~Μέγας Δράκων). All of them obtained knowledge from God but no one realised what exactly they were given. All of them possess the Truth but no one has been able to take advantage of it.

Soon, everybody will turn their “eyes” to the Greek world, because what Christ has prophesied of will be “born” there. The glory of the Son of Man. . (John 12.20-12.25) There were some Greeks among those who had gone there on pilgrimage…..“Lord, we should like to see Jesus”……Jesus replied, “Time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. I am telling you the truth, if the seed of wheat does not fall to the earth and die, it does not bear fruit, but if it dies it will bear lots of fruit”. (Ιωάν. 12.20-12.25) Ήσαν μερικοί Έλληνες μεταξύ εκείνων πού είχαν ανεβή διά νά προσκυνήσουν κατά τήν εορτήν... "Κύριε, θέλομε νά ιδούμε τόν Ιησούν"... Ο Ιησούς απεκρίθη εις αυτούς, "Ήλθε η ώρα διά νά δοξασθή ο Υιός τού ανθρώπου. Αλήθεια, αλήθεια σάς λέγω, εάν ο σπόρος τού σιταριού δέν πέσει εις τήν γήν καί πεθάνη, μένει αυτός μόνος, εάν όμως πεθάνη, φέρει πολύν καρπόν".

Wheat (sitos~Σίτος) = 34 = Greeks (Ellines~Έλληνες).

He prophesies something similar about His own “arrival”. The Flashing Lightning will start from the Greek world and will shed light over the whole world. The safe “sign” which will announce His return, as Christ has informed us. (Matthew 24.21-24.28) Because there will come the greatest sorrow the world has ever experienced. If those days were not cut short” no man would be redeemed, but for the sake of the elect, those days will be cut short. Then, if someone tells you “here is Christ” or “There”, do not believe him.

There will appear pseudochrists and pseudoprophets and work miracles and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, the elect. Here, I have told you before. If they tell you, “There He is in the desert” do not go, “There, he is in the back rooms”, do not believe. Because the Son of Man will arrive like a flashing lightning flashing from the east to the west.) (Ματθ. 24.21-24.28) Διότι θά έλθει τότε θλίψις τόσο μεγάλη, πού δέν έγινε από τήν αρχήν τού κόσμου μέχρι σήμερα καί ούτε θά γίνη. Καί εάν δέν εσυντομεύοντο αι ημέραι εκείναι, κανείς άνθρωπος δέν θά εσώζετο, αλλά πρός χάριν τών εκλεκτών θά συντομευθούν αι ημέραι εκείναι. Τότε εάν σάς πή κανείς, "Νά εδώ είναι ο Χριστός" ή "Εκεί", μή τόν πιστέψετε. Διότι θά εμφανισθούν ψευδόχριστοι καί ψευδοπροφήται καί θά κάνουν μεγάλα θαύματα καί τέρατα, ώστε νά πλανήσουν, ει δυνατόν, καί τούς εκλεκτούς. Ιδού σάς τό προείπα. Εάν σάς πούν, "Νά, είναι εις τήν έρημον", μήν πηγαίνετε, "Νά είναι εις τά απόμερα δωμάτια", μή πιστέψετε.

Διότι όπως η αστραπή βγαίνει από τήν ανατολήν καί φαίνετε έως τήν δύσιν, έτσι θά είναι καί η έλευσις τού Υιού τού ανθρώπου.

Lightning (Astrapi~ Αστραπή) = 34 = Greeks (Ellines~ Έλληνες).

This is what we are waiting for; the Leader of the Greek world to be “born”, “The new Ulysses”; the new Minotaur; the new Dragon; the one who survives the sea, who “speaks” the language of God; the one who speaks the “language” used in most of the Holy Scriptures. The One, Christ has spoken of. Flashing Lightning (Astrapi astraptusa~Αστραπή Αστράπτουσα) = 80 = Virgin Minos (Parthenos Minoas~Παρθένος Μίνωας) = Judge of the Underworld (Kritis tou Kato Kosmou~Κριτής του Κάτω Κόσμου) = Locked Word (Klidomenos logos~Κλειδωμένος Λόγος) = Infallible Heir (Amomos Klironomos~Άμωμος Κληρονόμος) = Immortal Man (Athanatos anthropos~Αθάνατος Άνθρωπος) = King of the Greeks (Vasilefs ton Ellinon~Βασιλεύς των Ελλήνων) = Tree of Life (Dendron tis Zois~Δένδρον της Ζωής) = Realm of Heaven (Vasilia ton Uranon~Βασιλεία των Ουρανών).






The present handbook contains all the “keys” to the Holy Scriptures.

It is a donation

one can “open” the Scriptures with.

Similarly, one can “open”

the Greek Mythology

and certainly the prophesies including the Apocalypse.

All that can be “opened” depending on one’s judgment and knowledge.



Traianou Panagiotis

[email protected]

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