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Why are corporations a present danger?


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Why are corporations a present danger?


As a corporation grows older its power and wealth generally increases and its life has no obvious termination.


As a human grows older s/he generally loses power to the final end when all power disappears.


Do humans control corporations or do corporations control humans? As time goes on how does this power ratio change?


We seem to have developed a fetish (obsessive devotion) for commodification (making an entity an object of commerce) and reification (making an object of an idea). In other words, we seem to be obsessed with making more of what were human values into objects and making these objects valued in dollars.


In a world of such fetishes it seems to me that the corporation constantly gains and humans constantly lose.


What is the logical end for such a process? I think the logical end is that humans slowly morph into a machine controlled by our invented machines, i.e. our corporations.

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