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The Tortoise and the Hare


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Everyone is probably familiar with this story, but if not, here it goes.


A tortoise and a hare (rabbit) start a race. The tortoise is obviously losing right from the beginning. The hare gets a good lead and then frolics about, realizing that he has time to burn; the tortoise will never catch up to him. So, in the end, the hare slacks off too much and ends up losing the race.


The obvious lesson learned is that "slow and steady wins the race". The hare was not steady, and lost.


But, what other implications does this story hold?


For example, does it give the workforce the desire to not rest and to be slow and steady in their work, rather than rushing to get things done and then relaxing?


Was the hare really wrong, or did he just have bad timing?

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you callin me slow, peter!!!??? think you're fleety o' foot & quicky o' wit do ya!!?? gird yer loins lagamorph; it's go time. :yes:


first things first. we define the ground. best to get that from as close to the horesy's mouth as possible. :phones:


erhm, well, uh... seems we may need a fox...or not, depending on which version of the story you are referring to. this tale, as we are all familiar, is first told us by aesop in the 6th century before the common era. or not. :cheer::eek::phones: seems it's not attested, which is to say unattested, which is to say not for certain easop writ it. on top of that, some vers ions have the hare challenging the tortoise and other versions the other way round. just oh so few minutes of looking about the world wide silk trap reveals so many variations as to make quoting them all together here & now an unfit course of action. :eek2:


someone pick a version & post it so that we can start to argue on a course of agreement agree on a course of argument. however i can & do assert that this is as much or more about braggadocio as it is about pace & persistence. the game is afoot laggards!!! :evil:

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