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The frogness of music

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Understanding frogness requires system-think. Science in general, and biology in particular, is increasingly moving in the direction of putting things together to understand them instead of taking them apart.


That’s where we get ecology, population biology, and a plethora of new scientific disciplines that represent the coalescence of previously distinct ones.


Our long, Western history of deconstruction (taking things apart to understand them) is giving way to synthesizing, (putting things together to understand them) the way Eastern philosophy does.

Author & Book Views On a Healthy Life! - MIND AND BODY - THE FROGNESS OF MUSIC

Very interesting article on the dumbing down of music

The author iss an intersting guy with a"different" background

Arthur Rosenfeld is an authority on the spiritual dimensions of Eastern thinking for a Western world. A novelist, martial arts master and philosopher, Rosenfeld is a contributor to national magazines, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Parade, has been seen on national tv and radio networks.

The author of eleven acclaimed books and the creator of the fiction genre "Kung Fu Noir," he combines stories with Eastern wisdom drawn from nearly 30 years of martial arts study. His forthcoming title is Quiet Teacher.


A Yale graduate, Rosenfeld combines scientific background and communication skills gained through post-graduate studies at the University of California with real-world savvy gleaned from high-level corporate positions.

Drawing on his background in medicine and science he has been cited in national media, including Newsweek, Ebony, and Parade.

He has also written The Truth About Chronic Pain.

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