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Objects that pass the event horizon are suppose to stuck there forever, am I correct?

What if objects could escape from beyond the event horizon if they are pulled out by another black hole...

now the question is, how do get a ship out of the second black hole!

But if it could be done, wouldn't it be exciting to know what people actually see inside a black hole!!

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Seems to me if an object which had passed the event horizon of one black hole was attracted to an even greater extent by the gravitational influence of a second black hole, those two black holes would be inside each others event horizons and would effectively be a single black hole.


I suspect these two holes would be orbiting a common center of gravity at a furious rate and giving off gravitational waves like crazy, thus losing angular momentum and would be on the verge of merging into a new singularity.


Now if only someone could detect these gravitational waves...

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