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[News] Learn guitar using laser guidance


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Learn guitar using laser guidance


February 10, 2009 Guitar Hero and Rock Band have allowed masses of people without the time or patience to learn the guitar to become Rock Gods in their own living rooms. For those looking to take the next step and pick up a real guitar, this concept for a guitar learning aid from designer Eugene Cheong promises a faster transistion. The “Maestro” would attach to any guitar and get budding guitarists jamming in record time by using lasers to guide their fingers.


Learn guitar using laser guidance

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I have some friends who don't play music but are expert Guitar Hero players. As a musician, this always appeared to me as a tremendous waste of time. We could have a motivated, musically enriched youth, but instead we have a bunch of kids paying good money to become proficient pressers-of-buttons(last I checked, the button pressing was not "in time", but slightly off, causing confusion to someone who counts music regularly) to a mediocre rock soundtrack.


This gadget looks interesting, but it would have been better if they had simply made an interactive game like Guitar Hero, but using actual guitars(or synths, or whatever instrument so desired). For some reason I do not see the average kid/gamer crowding around their laser-equipped guitars on Friday night in the same way they do with GH or RB.

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