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Energy rate query?


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If you search a textbook or the web for the formula for kinetic energy, you’ll find it’s




Paying attention to units (hint: the standard SI unit for energy is the [/wiki]joule[/wiki], ([math]\mbox{kg}\cdot\mbox{m}^2/\mbox{s}^2[/math], so you’ll want to divide a mass given in grams by 1000 to convert it to kilograms), you should be able to supply the [math]m[/math] and [math]v[/math] in the equation, and calculate the energy [math]E[/math].


Try that, and post your answer back to this thread to have it checked. Since this sounds like a homework problem, it’s better for you to answer it yourself than just be given the answer.


PS: Your question doesn’t seem to have anything to do with “energy rate”. The rate at which work is done, another way of saying the rate at which energy is used, is known as power, which is simply work/energy divided by time.

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