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I posted this in the introduction forum, but after browsing realized this may be the better place for my questions.



I am currently a high school student who is interested in forensics. I have an interest in law and science which has influenced me to consider a career in forensics. I decided to join this forum in order to get advice. I will be applying to college next year and would like to know some info about what I should be looking at (schooling, etc.) for a career in forensics.


I know becoming a forensic pathologist would take about 11-12 years post high school, and am aware that this is an option (MD or DO route). What I am interested in finding out about is a PhD route. I am interested in doing forensic science for the courts, working in a lab etc.


My questions are:


What would a compectitive major be for applying to a graduate program in forensic science?


Do most graduate schools have a forensic science program? (PhD)


I would also like to add that I have a minor physical disability. I live 99% of a normal life; however, because of my disability I wear leg braces knee high, and walk with a small limp. I do not see my disability holding me back in a career in forensic science and am looking forward to my future.


Any info you guys have for me, I truely appreciate.


and please if I posted this in the wrong forum, I am sorry. Hopefully a moderator can move it to the appropiate forum.


Thanks again

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