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How do you think?


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i was thinking about this the other day.


i know i remember a lot of stuff by pictures, having photographic memory (passed on by family). and when i am talking to someone, instead of hearing the words i want to say, i see the picture of what i want to say instead.


how does yourself think when you communicate?

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That should be visual thinking I think.


This reminds me of when I studied graphic design in school and when I worked in the creative department in ad agency. Most of the time, when we brain storming on a particular project or campaign, we would picture our ideas before we get them made sense. In another word, in our creative process, picture always come first.


So may be you are born to be a 'visual' guy Tolouse.

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yeah, i do a lot of writing also, having journals for the past 7 years. and when i write i have to have a particular picture of a person i am writing to. i this mentally.


i came across the topic because i was telling a story and it silently hit me that when i was telling this story, i was actually seeing the movie play out in my head.


i do a lot of self-analysis and am always taking note of my reactions

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