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My name is Richard Quist. I found this forum while searching "shrinking Universe". There is an old thread here about the subject in the cosmology forum and I found the responses to the objections to the concept wanting, so I joined the forum in order to open a new thread on it, as I've been developing ideas on the subject for quite some time.


The premise put forward is that the Universe appears to be expanding in size because the size of entities within it, including space itself and the speed of light, are shrinking with the passage of time. With this view, I believe, it is possible to find new insights into the mechanics of nature, including the production of a unified field theory.


First I'd like to address some objections made to this idea in the old thread. One was that since this approach is simply a matter of point of view of the observer, of what use is it, since all observations will be the same, just taken from a different point of view? While this might be true for most phenomena, it is not necessarily true for all, and this point of view may lead to searching for phenomena that is overlooked with the conventional approach. Also, not all currently observed phenomena are fully explained (ex. the first few micro-seconds after the Big Bang, the distribution of mass-energy in the Universe, and the apparent acceleration in the rate of expansion of the Universe), and this approach might lead to explanations. Another objection was the seeming loss of energy and matter that this shrinking would entail. However, there might not be a loss but instead a conversion of mass and energy, possibly to dark energy, and while the rate might have been great at the initial stages of the Universe, it need not be now.

Finally it was stated that shrinking would cause all things, such as atoms, our earth and sun, to move away from each other. This would also be true for the conventional explanation of expansion and would happen if it weren't for the other forces of nature such as gravity etc.


In regards to the problems with the distribution of mass-energy in the Universe, two physicists, John Moffat of the U. of Toronto and Joao Magueijo of Imperial College in London have proposed a solution based upon the idea that the velocity of light was much faster at the initial stages of the Universe. This is different from what I’m proposing in that as I understand their work it is only the velocity of light that is expanded in the past, not all entities within the Universe. Their work does though reveal one of the advantages of assuming a shrinking velocity for light.


I can’t list a website now because of the rules of the forum, but with my name it’s easy to find.



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