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A group of citizens of the Bay Area are seeking a

lawyer to take legal action to stop the open air explosions

set off by Livermore Lab in Tracy, California," she

announced. "These open air explosions are sending clouds

of depleted uranium oxide gas all over the Bay Area. It is

well know that depleted uranium gas is a carcinogen and

causes serious birth defects.



According to its own statements, Livermore has already

detonated and dispersed 23 tons of radioactive and deadly

uranium gas at its Site 300 in Tracy, California, which is near

Livermore and not far from San Francisco in the densely

populated region.


The article is here:



:0353: :angryfire:




A title search shows that the article has been censored.

The "other information" that "connects dots"

and I did find a copy posted at :



"They'll be trading their oil for our water" - TR



A dot connecting radiation with breast cancer:>


86A : "Our estimate is that about three-quarters of the

current annual incidence of breast cancer in the United

States is being caused by earlier ionizing radiation,

primarily from medical sources". John William Gofman MD .

Of whom was worked on the Manhattan Project:

Book on line -


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