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Sound is a vessel for vibrations.


Vibrations resonate with certain things.


Music makes us feel good. Really good!


Certain notes harmonize with areas of our body, and our soul.


The way the bass notes buzz the walls.


One of the deepest meditations I've experienced is playing guitar.

It's a transcendental experience to be able to toss around tones, and fall into a trance.


I come out of those trances every day in a pleasant awe.


I URGE y'all to check this guy out!!




Ponder intent, and read more about him and sound healing here:




Please post your experiences with sound as a healing agent.

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The most powerful healing I've gained from music was after a love was lost. Certain songs can do so much to overcome sad times, though sometimes songs can exacerbate things. So I suppose it all depends on your attitude.


Certain music will cause a surge up through my chakras! "Rainbow Country" by Bob Marley is one of those songs for me. It makes me feel happy and I just have to dance. I always have a smile on my face after listening to it. That's healing to me. :)


The music of Nature is the biggest musical healing force out there though. The eastern Indian scales were derived from sounds of nature. What better symphony to emulate?

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Metaform Corporation


Way cool. The resonant frequency of ourselves.


Those seem interesting. Have you tried one?


I like Ravi Shankar a lot for meditation. In an old apartment, I had a sunroom that was turned into a meditation room by my roomate and I. We had a cd player with small speakers playing Ravi 24/7 on repeat. It was turned down low so you would never notice it passing by or even entering the room unless you sat quietly and tuned in. Usually, I would sit in there and just daydream. Sometimes my roomate and I would break out the pastels and colored pencils and just sit there for hours drawing from our imagination.

Hmmmm...I need a meditation room again...


I fell in love with ambient music a couple years ago as I find it so meditative. I'll have to find you the link to this epic ambient piece that is over an hour long. It is like a shamanic voyage that hypnotizes and awakens at the same time.

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I'd love every moment of it if you find it!


Havn't tried those tuners, but I've experimented on my own . .


I like your meditation room, and I love ravi shankar. I was just listening to him and mr. glass . . so in love with their co op. Perfect for my insane Kundalini praxis.


I will sweat blood

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SoundClick MP3: na-koja-abad - Tribal-Ambient journey through corporeal infinity and winding passages bereft of time


Check out Black Serpent Dreaming - Rites of Passage

It's only a five minute excerpt because it's from an album. I happened to be listening to the album's debut on StillStream.com (your place of solace) and recorded the whole thing. It's 26 MB of transformation.

If you like what you hear from the excerpt, then I wholeheartedly suggest that you check out the album. The beginning starts out with watery sounds, as if you are rowing on the river styx with surreal birds and frogs and the creaking of the boat...Good stuff..

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My Daughter was born with extremely narrow ear canals.. her nerve endings were fine.. and her inner ear fine.. however..

Because her ear canals were so narrow.. and I mean narrow.. (a sewing pin couldnt get down there..) the sound just bounced right out..


When my daughter was 4.. I realised the benefits of healing through music.. so..


I enrolled my daughter with the Technics Music Academy.. and this is where she stayed til the age of 13 and a half.. and her hearing is now fine/normal.. so my original guesswork was correct..


Music/Sound heals.. and I'm glad I decided to send her there.. it may have cost me a second mortgage.. however.. its well worth the money.. and time I spent..


She is now at University in Auckland NZ studying sports science.. from the back of the class.. when her hearing allows her.. :)



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While arguably not musical, ultra-sound is used to break up gall stones...or maybe it's kidney stones. :shrug: Sound healing none the less. :fever: :Nurse:


Mos Def.


Today I discovered something cool.

Usually sitting in full lotus hurts me after a while.

But today (on a pillow in the sunshine near a pool...)

It occured to me that if I resonate deep mantras throughout myself I actually totally forget about the pain, it disappears.

I also found myself laughing and telling myself that it wasn't even pain it was feeling. Then it would turn icy cool and I'd melt and look at the pool which had little dents in it with rainbows and orb shadows all intertwining in unpredictable patterns one after the other. small rain drops casting ripples.


every day gets better and better :)

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