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Intelligent Life of a Non-Human type


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intelligence to me is the ability to do things on its own account. I consider it is an advanced form of consciousness. consciousness is the ability to perceive and react to its environment. We can say that even a rock has consciousness. Example: I kick a rock. The rock perceives my kick and responds by moving. However, life forms perceive and react in a more complex way. The most complex ability to do that is inherent in humans, and that is intelligence to me.

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There is a theory that whatever the Human Species find simple its turns complex and whatever it find complex it will simplify.

This is not a theory. It is a statement, at best an observation. It could lead to a theory if a mechanism/ process is shown to explain why/ how and predict what.

This statement is made to help keep all of you focus on the fact that intelligent life is a constant in the universe.

Fact? I do not understand what "fact" this represents? In what way is "intellegent life" a "constant"? Constant as to always the same everywhere? As in the speed of light being a constant?

the first evidence that life in itself is intelligent is at the moment it exhibits a desire or instinct to survive.

So a bee is intellegent because it will sting when attacked? Or a sensitive plant, which closes to protect itself at first touch? Are you saying that all life is intellegent because all forms of life have some form of defensive action?


And what of "advanced intellect" such as humans. If "a desire or instinct to survive" shows intellect. What of those willing to die to protect others? Is the instinct of a parent to protect it's ofspring, over it's own survival, a sign of lacking intellect? Or even greater intellect? But if "a desire or instinct to (not) survive" (in order to pretect others) is shown as being advanced intellectually, then how can desire to survive be intellect?

in the universe the one fact holds true and that is Life evolves from Life.

There is nothing factual about this. Not when abiogenesis is involved.

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We begin with some basic hardware, and the software reacts to its environment.
nature-nurture kinda thing. so how does the software reacts to the environment if not by the hardware? Meaning, who programs the brain to make it reprogram itself? the hardware isn't alive to continuously reprogram the software.
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