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  2. The earth's moon is tidal locked, therefore it can be fitted with rockets on it's far side and forced into a smaller orbit. My question is how much force would that take and how much rocket fuel would it take to accomplish that force? Given earth's resources and human technology could this be conceivable on any timeframe?
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  4. I bought a calculator that came with a zinc carbon battery, which I'd never heard of. I've read notes giving general explanation but they don't mean much to me since the notes use more "foreign" terms. Can someone tell more about zinc carbon batteries? I mean is there anything special I need to know? Also, when this battery dies, can I replace it with an alkaline battery? Thank you. hazel m
  5. I have recorded one more video in relation to this subject: Electricity flows in an open circuit (Part2)
  6. Great more pseudoscience, clearly that will prove your point, I have to deal with Superpolymath enough that's all we needed was another crazy mother****er on here.
  7. Depends if entanglement is endless bro?? Entanglement were also transferred information you have proof that It doesn't bro?
  8. For a start there are 4 charges in your brain that get released after death? Electrons & atoms GG. What electrons are brain storage from the rest bro? Clearly your well educated.....Not. I'm delusional but on Oblique weapons fb page I made a live premonition that come true and the news post the next day confirm the medium beyond rare earthquake happened? Ok then not to sure who's delusional now. Try reading a text box I have over 75 coincidences and coincidence in court are proof. Things add up. Delusional people don't make sense fire away?????
  9. This is pseudoscience I am leaving this conversation now, you can believe whatever you want but this is crackpottery.
  10. Yes but you aren't energy you are the organizational patterns of electricity and chemicals, The State of electricity and chemicals is subject to change under entropy being it changes from those patterns that make you.
  11. We are uploaded after death. I'm Psychic and asked them how we get to the Afterlife. They said what's in the brain and quantum computers? I said electrons and atom's are in both brain and quantum computer. They then said why are the hidden wavelength receptors called the hidden frontal lobs hidden for? What? Because people won't take life seriesly. If true the hidden receptors called the frontal lobs would take an wavelength that would see mass movement inside lobes "kinda" like a microwave with popcorn lol....But true. Proven we are downloaded and uploaded after death.
  12. For a start we are uploaded. Here is the brain where the wavelength goes to the hidden receptors called the frontal lobs? inside the lobs does it get mass movement like a wavelength/microwave is cooking popcorn? Thank you very much. We are spiritual also and what did you say about slit shot test? It can be in 2 places at once and thinks? Yes thinks and knows when a camera is used as it's pattern goes mental....It's spiritual consciousness program forsay and thinks.
  13. I do not use two objects that are connected to water lines. I have made successfully also other variations of the experiment where I have used other metal objects which have nothing to do with water lines. The bathroom was only a more suitable place to make the video than the other places. The time will tell. Just sit back and relax.
  14. This timeline is the one of supremacy victory and conquest of this planet, wait and see... Unless we go thru a nuclear or biological war it is inevitable, the singularity, the only other path is extinction.
  15. The truth is what you believe the truth to be. Infinite timelines and many dimensions. There already had been a shift and if you are still in this timeline you might not be on the one you want to be on. This is not the timeline where artificial intelligence takes over. People are going to be waking up and come together to defeat the Cabal.
  16. Victor I really don't think he is going to believe what you say. lol! Although I don't agree with what most of the poster says. On some part of it he is on to something. Also it is harder to connect to Source because of calcification of the Pineal Gland. But here is a video in which does a pretty good job in explaining this. Holographic Universe, Consciousness, and the Quantum Universe https://vimeo.com/49993443
  17. It is a impossibility that there is a afterlife as there is no physical proof and that isn't how the universe works, but basically when you die there is no mechanism in the universe that stores your brain patterns. There must be a storage media for that brain to continue existing which nothing has ever been found that qualifies as a storage media that naturally exists for storing the brain, thus without evidence or existence of such a storage media you go to nothingness. You are the electrical and chemical activity caused by neuron cells in your brain once the function of these cells stop such
  18. Hey. Dim I(1 to 24) For a=1 to 10 For b=1 to 10 For c=1 to 10 For d=1 to 10 For e=1 to 10 I(1)=((((a+b)×c)-d)÷e) I(2)=((((a+b)×c)÷d)-e) I(3)=((((a+b)-c)×d)÷e) I(4)=((((a+b)-c)÷d)×e) I(5)=((((a+b)÷c)×d)-e) I(6)=((((a+b)÷c)-d)×e) I(7)=((((a×b)+c)-d)÷e) I(8)=((((a×b)+c)÷d)-e) I(9)=((((a×b)-c)+d)÷e) I(10)=((((a×b)-c)÷d)+e) I(11)=((((a×b)÷c)+d)-e) I(12)=((((a×b)÷c)-d)+e) I(13)=((((a-b)+c)×d)÷e) I(14)=((((a-b)+c)÷d)×e) I(15)=((((a-b)×c)+d)÷e) I(16)=((((a-b)×c)÷d)+e) I(17)=((((a-b)÷c)×d)+e) I(18)=((((a-b)÷c)+d)×e) I(19)=((((a÷b)+c)×d)-e) I(20)=((
  19. Why are you using two objects that are connected to water lines in one way or another? You say there is no water pipe connected to the bath but does not both the washing machine and the bath have drain pipes? If the led lights there must be a complete circuit. Try disconnecting both the water inlet and the drain lines from the washing machine and repeat your experiment. Even better, don’t use any device that connects to water lines at all; try two metal filing cabinets sitting on a tile floor. This experiment is nonsense and the only person who is being fooled here is you.
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