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From The Wheel To Limousines

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Posted 09 July 2020 - 07:32 AM

Researchers at University of Houston have designed a catch-and-kill air filter that can trap the virus responsible for Covid 19, killing it instantly.
This sounds great - even if horribly expensive, designing all buildings to support such systems.  Of course, we want and welcome it.  Yet, my mind keeps seeing the future. We start with this single-purpose virus-killing filter which, as with most new creations, becomes "bigger and better" all purpose devices.  As my title says:  we go from the wheel to cars and limousines to 32-wheel semis and dynamos to where? Oh, robots.  "One small step ..."
I am envisioning a world where, as time goes on, we have so sterilized our environment that we cannot live in it.  Isn't a natural world in conflict with a sterile world?  Remember the move to Pern?  Before leaving Earth, people were living in large, glass domes with an especially-created atmosphere to support life.  There was no surviving outside those domes.
My mind is so reeling with the possibilities and ---- what?  No longer a natural world?  Or a new "natural"?   Maybe I am not making much sense?  Maybe someone understands what I am trying to describe?
No matter.  For now, bring on this killer.