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Prison Planet: Modern Slavery

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Posted 10 July 2020 - 06:22 PM

Yeah, that's called "slavery" talking from one side of the face, and "social responsibility" talking from the other. PM Chretien made some noise about that.


That's fine. My opinions are mine and you're welcome to disagree with them. The things we should all try not to disagree on is the definitions of words: if we use different definitions then meaning cannot be conveyed and communication is pointless. This is why I try very hard to link to definitions of any remotely specialist words I use, and to use the common meanings of words where possible. Orwell made VERY salient points about communication and degradation of language that I try to adhere to.

On this authority/martyrdom you seem to be going off on:



You made no attempt to mark it as such nor to comment on how it was so related; you instead dropped into some tired rhetoric on why a country you don't live in should do what you tell them to do.

There's no mention in that entire post of anything to do with the thread topic: Moden "slavery" aka non-voluntary work without suitable compensation.

I linked you to an OP-ED about exactly that sort of slave-labour in the canadian penal system, and I talked about it to some length too. Guess Canada isn't "social responsible" ?

The second bit about Illegal wages...they have the choice to work elsewhere. That's what a free economy is. If they do not have that choice....are you talking about Illegal immigrants? Japaniese "black company" social problems? It's kinda hard to talk about this without a REAL example or two.

I agree that on it's face what you describes is a perversion.

...Like Canada? (that penal wage limit link I provided above, which includes pre-trial remand pisoners who are Innocent Until Proven Guilty and waiting for our slow court system to get to them.)


Not part of this thread, and not at all what I meant. This is called "taking something out of context."

Try harder to understand how statistics work. It's not worth my time to spoon-feed you something any community collage can teach you regarding proper sources and manipulation of data-sets invalidating the conclusion. I will be nice and link you to 2 sources you can use to expand your critical thinking ability regardig Cherry picking: 1 2

Edit: Health care as you push it invalidates QOL of certain people by removing from them earnings they could use towards their own QOL.
It's a "nice idea" on paper that everyone should get medical or help when they need it. Unfortunately it causes real economic problems of artificial inflation of cost, it causes rationing, it causes over-work in the people in that field, and it is NOT comprehensive as practiced in every such country I know of.

To try to steer this towards the thread topic: Nurses unions are quite openly complaining about over-work and mandatory overtime right now. That's A KIND OF SLAVERY IS IT NOT?

Yeah that! I think that we shouldn't talk about US health care here on this thread about the prison planet. I'll get back to you on which thread we will be discussing the failed US health care system.


And I thing you've made a wide choice in demanding that this thread stay on topic. 


Aside from that, have you decided yet if a link can be posted on more than one thread? Supporse the link has pertinent information that is relevant to more than one thread? Does this require a new rule or do the rules as written speak to this question?