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Peak Phosphor - Not Global Warming - As The Number 1 Worry?

Food Security

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Posted 04 August 2019 - 09:37 AM

I am shocked to read about the looming crisis of worldwide famine as a result of phosphate rock depletion.

Many scientists are estimating the end of phosphate rock supply at around 70 years.

With current population growth, many are saying that we will not be able to sustain world food supply within that time frame.

A forced return to crop rotation will leave an enormous shortfall in food supply and a resulting  worldwide famine - especially in developed industrial nations that have established their harvests on chemical fertiliser supply.


Phosphor is the first fertiliser element that we will deplete. Every living cell requires it. There is no technological alternative. The phosphor that we sprinkle on the land is being washed rapidly into the oceans where it is far too dilute to extract.

It seems to me that humanity must wake up and start controlling population by management - or face control by famine and war.

I invite discussion.


This sounds wrong 

Most plants and vegetables can be grown organically, without additional fertilizers. There are claims that the US can provide food for the world. If it didnt provide food outside the states I dont think it would be noticed except for a blip in food prices, whilst production moves elsewhere. Moving over to vegetarianism would free up cattle land for further food production. Food grown organically costs a bit more, but tastes literally a **** load better:)


One of the biggest problems for the environment now since global warming is picking up speed and politicians dont give a ****, is the increasing amount of water in the atmosphere, which will trap heat, and accelerate global warming even faster. Global warming in some areas will increase humidity and make plants grow faster, however in dryer areas expect famine, unless of course they can trade some comidity for food. Oil, minerals, etc. 

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