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What Do You Think About That A 1879 Stefan's Law Be Used To Calculate Star Radius Or Temperature?

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Posted 29 April 2019 - 11:11 PM

Since then, variations of the Stefan Law is widely used to determine some basic properties of a star, like:

  • Star Radius
  • Star Luminosity
  • Star Surface temperature

To calculate any given star Luminosity, Stefan's law is expressed as:


L = 4 π R2 σ Τ 4


L: Luminosity (in Watts)

R: Star radius

T: Star's surface temperature.

Stefan-Boltzmann Constant  σ=5.67×10−8W.m-2K-4


This is a variation of the original Stefan's formula, widely used to calculate any star temperature by finding the absolute luminosity

based in relative comparations with proper references:


j = T4



where j is the Iradiance or Flux Density (Watt/m^2), which is estimated by comparisons with references (like our Sun's Irradiance).

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