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  1. Lattice QCD use discrete units of space and time to create a 3D grid, at which the QCD equations are solved numerically, not analitically. But it requires increasing computing power to model smaller time and space units. An article from 2010 told about a consortium of 7 laboratories to develop the software and hardware to analyze a 256x1083 lattice (PetaQCD Project). This animated GIF is from a project from the CSSM lab, at the University of Adelaide (Australia). The gluonic soup is in light blue, and quarks appear and dissapear, as well as the gluon blobs. I don't know the scale of time use
  2. I quote here the words of Robert Serber, a Manhattan's physicist, who wrote his memoirs in a small book by 1992, currently sold by Amazon. The book, which contain several documents declassified and memories from 1943-1945, was edited by Richard Rhodes. I strongly recommend to read the book (12 chapters), which tell about obstacles, fears, discussions, doubts and many anecdotes for the whole Manhattan Project (2 1/2 years). The Los Alamos Primer The first lectures on how to build an Atomic Bomb University of California Press 1992 by Robert Serber (edited by Richard Rhodes) and can be read
  3. ralfcis, as I wrote before, this thing with STR started with Lorentz. His study of length contraction was only in one dimension (the x axis). He didn't apply his transforms to the other axis. Maybe it was too challenging mathematically. I'm posting an excerpt of the original work of 1904 Lorentz's relativity (as published). He got t' wrong and his friend, Henri Poincarè gave it the modern form and named the entire group as Lorentz Transforms. Einstein based his work on this one, the one from Poincarè and the old one from Voigt (1897). But he kept using only one dimensional transforms as Lo
  4. I believe that Lorentz-Poincarè-Einstein relativity is exclusively based on perception (and deception of human senses). And I'm not a cranck. I defy anyone who dares to confront me, using mathematics (no walls of words), to prove otherwise. Note: From the very instant that Voigt (1897, before MM, Lorentz, etc.) developed HIS relativity by proposing a change of coordinate systems other than the natural cartesian (x,y,z) everything developed around the perception from a transformed reference systems over the natural one was perception. I don't know if Lorentz knew about Voigt's work, whe
  5. Victor, don't be confused with what LOOKS LIKE velocity: dx/dt and dx'/dt'. THEY ARE NOT! Those expressions are the outcome to divide two equations, side by side, which are used at different spaces and times. Better to go back to their original expressions, without dividing them: dx' = Y (dx - v.dt) dt' = Y (dt - v.dx/c2) Now you have FOUR PARAMETERS to mess with: dx and dt can't be simultaneously measured. dx' and dt' are RESULTS calculated at different xK positions in different tQ times. So, you have to manage how to explain you obtaining x1, x2, t1 and t2, which generate dx and
  6. Victor, if you don't mind me trying to supply some Lorentz's math in order to help. I'll try to simplify it: I'm using d (for DELTA) to express differences in length or times, just by substracting two equations at different points and times: dx' = Y (dx - v.dt) dt' = Y (dt - v.dx/c2) Now, I divide both equations side per side, giving a single equation: dx'/dt' = (dx - v.dt)/(dt - v.dx/c2) = (dx/dt - v) / (dt/dx - v/c2) As you can see, you have a single equation with two variables: dx and dt (remember they are DELTAs, not part of derivates). As you can see, you can't resolve dx'/dt
  7. I don't know, but possibly. You made me laugh with your last comment about Einstein. I'm preparing a math reply to help.
  8. May I say that this is not true? You can use only one "mind perceived" sensorial distortion per frame of reference. You can't use them simultaneously, as I proved above, in my long post using Lorentz mathematics and the problem of cosmic muons (for which I discussed very much here and at another forum. In that forum, full of narcisists twats with a closed mind, once I got convinced that it was a lost battle to talk there, I wrote a post telling them so and then I DELETED my account. That forum is from England too, and has a little more traffic than this, but the "moderators" from England and
  9. OK. I was telling you abou the subject of time dilation (which I believe is FALSE) and how relativists keep using the subject of cosmics muons to tell you (and to them) that it really exists. Also, the same subject (cosmic muons) is used to explain length contraction (from muon's perspective). I always considered this as a stupid demonstration. The problem is that muons are unstable particles and, at laboratories, they have an average life (called decay time) of 2.2 microseconds. But cosmic muons (from cosmic radiation) are, outdoors, very abundant and are more than 50% of the total radiatio
  10. I've just posted it before you. Read the science explanation for muon's time dilation and length contraction. I don't agree with that (I wrote a specific thread about muons). I only did the einstenian math that current physics use. Can fact-check it with the link at HyperPhysics. Tell me if what is used as an explanation makes logical sense to any of you. I repeat: I only did the math using Lorentz.
  11. Sorry for meddling into this problem. I posted a thread about muons recently: http://www.scienceforums.com/topic/35860-japan-muons-family-str-time-dilation-and-history/ but nobody cared about it. As Lorentz transforms are symmetrical, you can choose frame K(x,t) being at rest (sign -) or frame K'(x',t') being at rest (sign +). Measuring time elapsed or distances requires differences, which are represented by d (DELTA). Also, Y is the Gamma factor): Being K(x,t) at rest referenced to K'(x',t'): dx' = Y (dx-vdt) dt' = Y (dt-vdx/c2) Also can be used this way, be
  12. I'm using here a 1923 English translation of his original 1905 paper: "Ist die Tragheit eines Korpers von seinem Energieinhalt abhanging? (13, 639, Annalen der Physik)." To explain it briefly: There are two reference frames E(x,y,z) and H(x',y',z'). There is a point-like mass located at E(0,0,0) which is at rest relative to the frame H, which is moving at constant velocity "v" towards the positive side of the x' axis. There are two virtual observers: Observer 1 at E(x,y,z), who isn't moving with reference to E(0,0,0), and Observer 2 at H(x',y',z') who also doesn't move with reference to H(
  13. E=mc2 is an approximation derived by Einstein, concerning the transformation of light energy between two inertial frames of references: - The first, at rest relative to the second, and which contain a point-like mass which emits two opposite beams of light, each one with energy L/2. - The second, on a platform (traing) departing from the first at a constant velocity "v"
  14. This topic is the simplest part of a long history of the fight between Ives and Einstein, which spanned for 16 years (1937-1953), and ended with the death of H. Ives in that year. Ives was the most important figure that criticized Einstein's 1905 relativity in the US. Herbert Ives was a top scientist at AT&T Bell Labs for about three decades, where he retired in 1947 after being the Director of Electro-Optical Research Division. During his career, Ives was prolific inventing techniques and developing systems in fax, TV, videotelephony, color photography, color movies, 3D photography, etc
  15. I don't relate the future's fate of mankind to Einstein's relativities. I relate it to the disconnexion between 99.9999% of population being disconnected from the dominant 0.0001% left, with less than 10,000 persons ruling the fate of the rest: consume, give us your money and shut up! And this concentration of power is strictly based on the power of technology and disinformation, like it's happening (and accelerating) in the past 20 years. You, VictorMedvil, are no longer free to thought and express yourself. Your profile is being updated in real time at concentrated sites, owned by that g
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