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Posted 13 April 2019 - 12:05 AM

It's a bit cryptic and I haven't wrote poems, well... since highschool. What is your impression of any code words, or even the story?? If you don't like it, would you teach me what parts could have been better? I also want to make it clear, I am not religious.




''When plastic covers the great blue sea,
Animals and humans will no longer be,


''When we stare into the deep abyss,
Sinister feelings, helplessness increase...

Pollution has spread vast over this world,
By force, helpless, twisted and hurled,

Powerful men said that global warming was just fake news,
Before long, consequences will reveal a terrestrial bruise,

And when the last sea life finally dies,
Will the righteous not say, ''the end was neigh?''

Occupy, you will comply, testify and be judged,
But with no sympathy at heart, his sentence did not budge.


The great creator of the universe gave up hope once again,

men will return to dust and experience a new form of pain.


A virus maybe? A mushroom cloud that we wish would pass,

Compelling us to live in houses of glass,


You where given a home, and your selfish proclivities have now shown the way,
and it got too late for Earth, a new home you must stay.''

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