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Cancer Recognition Gene Therapy

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Posted 15 March 2019 - 12:43 AM

Today, I wanted to talk about a possible way to make the cell detect cancerous defects within its DNA using a Viral Vector which has been gone over again and again how this works. The Protein that I would like to insert is a protein called P53 which is called the "Guardian of the Genome" this protein is the one that is supposed to cause the cell to commit apoptosis if it becomes genetically corrupted with mutations. Cancer is caused from genetic mutation of the cellular genetic corruption recognition system. So, if we insert this gene into every cell it will cause the cells to have the ability to all detect cancerous mutations despite damage to the Genetic corruption detection system itself. So my idea for this vector is Pol-Gag-ENV HIV-1-VSV-G , LTR5' - P53 - LTR3'. This will insert the cancer detecting protein P53 into every cell in the human body which can be customized to have an extended caspid using the Chickenpox Caspid Gene instead of Gag in the sequence or a different target such as cancerous cells by a change in the glycoprotein. This should make the cell the ability to detect whether it is cancerous or not even if this system has become damaged.




If the cell is known to be cancerous, the cell can be killed via usage of P53 and P21 which will active its apoptosis pathway and cause the cell to kill itself. This should only be used on targets that are known to be cancerous otherwise you risk hurting cells that are non-cancerous and killing them as well. P21 is a gene that is a tumor suppressor that causes cells to commit suicide when problems with the cell are detected by P53, so combining them both into one "living drug" could show effective in actively killing cancerous targets using the proper glyocprotein to target only cancerous cells such as a glycoprotein that targets the CD3 receptor which is known to be expressed by cancerous cells. The process for making cells able to detect cancer within themselves is much like CARS T- Cell Therapy but the Viral Vector causes cancerous cells to go into apoptosis when the genes are added.


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