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Do Intelligent People Need To Read Masters And Johnson To Enable Sexual Arousal ?

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Posted 17 February 2018 - 10:18 PM

Postulate - Intelligent people don't need to read Masters and Johnson to enable sexual arousal.
Would sex be so rewarding without our naturally endowed bio-sensors ?
Let us analyze the build up of sexual impulses which result in a response.
Humans are endowed with bio-sensors, which either process data, or activate an enhanced state of arousal, that leads to intimacy.
Phase 1
Step 1. Eye-contact : Sensor = Eyes : Distance - 5 feet or more. : Velocity of sensation : Speed of light.
Step 2. Body odour detection : Sensor : Nose (Pheromones are involved). Distance - an arms length. Velocity of sensation : Wind speed.
Step 3. Holding hands : Sensor = Palm of hand (richly supplied with nerve endings).
Step 4. Kissing : Sensor = Lips (richly supplied with nerve endings).
Phase 2
Step 5. Hugging - Sensor = Full body
Phase 3
Step 6. Areola is stimulated (richly supplied with nerve endings). Sensor - Areola.
Phase 4
Step 7. The external interfaces of the sexual organs in the groin region are aroused (richly supplied with nerve endings, particularly in women). Sensor - reproductive organs in the groin region.
Conclusion : You don't need Spidey senses to build up sexual interest. Nature has been kind to endow us with natural bio-sensors, which has enabled humans to perpetuate since the advent of Homo Sapiens.  :beer-fresh: 
Finding / Suggestion : You could have a coupling app on your mobile phone, that registers changes in heart rate and respiration, and evaluates whether the person who is the target of your interest, is compatible with your liking. (by detecting changes in the aforesaid parameters).
PS : A disclaimer - The purpose of this post is twofold, not to titillate but to educate, and to promote scientific inquiry into the workings (and anomalies) of the human mind.