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Ai And Time Travel?

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Posted 11 June 2016 - 01:32 AM

Ok, Im not the best at explaining thing but i am going to try.  My grammar and spelling lack so i apologize.  Well maybe it doesnt lack as much as i dont really care to move my pinky to the shift button.  Either way.  AI???  I think this is a very sound and legit question and discussion.  Lets say that you believe that AI is truly possible, what are the cons?? How do you think we would teach the computer??  Any other random thoughts??


Time travel?? Yes or No??


Now if you answered yes to both.  Think of this.  In the future we will have AI and the ability to travel time.  Thus meaning we have a computer that is aware and alive, with the ability to travel time.  Now this computer could eliminate or enslave us. correct??


Do you think that maybe/ hopefully someone realized that AI is bad and really bad.  DId we as a higher civilization somehow prevent us from creatinig this??


No need to tell me i am bat **** crazy, i know.  But maybe Im not.  I personally know how i think.  I also know that my mind works on a higher logic than many can ever understand.  I have thought of AI for years.  I think we can make it, yet just because you can, doesnt mean you should.  In my head, and i do not have any facts to speak of, but i think i know a few keys to making an aware computer.  Ill never go to deep into them, although i believe they would be groundbreaking.   


Just trying to start a good discusion about AI



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Posted 21 June 2016 - 08:10 PM

"Are you sure you want to keep reading? Because the worst part is that Roko’s Basilisk already exists. Or at least, it already will have existed—which is just as bad...One day, LessWrong user Roko postulated a thought experiment: What if, in the future, a somewhat malevolent AI were to come about and punish those who did not do its bidding? What if there were a way (and I will explain how) for this AI to punish people today who are not helping it come into existence later? In that case, weren’t the readers of LessWrong right then being given the choice of either helping that evil AI come into existence or being condemned to suffer?"

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