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Expanding And Focusing Consciousness

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Posted 25 January 2016 - 06:25 PM

Sometime ago I read an article somewhere about the location of consciousness, and I recall that the overall theme of the article is that although most of us feel that our consciousness is located in our brain, it can actually be wherever we place it.  An example was given about hurting a finger, and the conscious mind gets focused on the finger.


Since reading that article, I sometimes find myself musing over the nature of consciousness,  and it occurred to me that I expand my consciousness every day when I operate machinery.  Weather driving a truck, operating a loader or harvester, I find the machinery actually seems to be an extension of myself, and when I work the fields that I have been working most of my life, even the land itself can feel like an extension of myself as I can lift the mower at the precise time to avoid hitting every rock in the field without even thinking about it.  


Alternatively, when the mower finds a new woodchuck hole,  I find myself focusing so intently on the mower listening and feeling through the vibrations of the tractor, checking for damage without leaving my seat,  that  the mower feels for a moment like my entire self.


Does this sound crazy?