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Is Science A Religion?

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Posted 12 March 2018 - 11:22 AM

Ah, then you see it as an issue you just don't want to think about? Sorry to hear that.

That comment is essentially identical to the medieval goal of achieving a knowledge of God. Would you explain the difference between the two issues to me? Actually there are many people who sincerely believe God is a true aspect of "reality" and that is the very belief which gains them the qualification of "religion". Why do the beliefs of science not gain them the qualification of religion? (Note, I am not deriding science, I am merely trying to reach a truly objective perspective.)

Did I make any suggestion that “religion” was useless? It clearly has a great influence on peoples daily behavior. I feel you are misinterpreting what I wrote.

It seems to me that you are putting forth the word “accuracy” as a plug in for the word “truth” to avoid thinking about the issue I bring up.

That is not exactly what I said. We certainly do not have sufficient time to check everything we think we know so it is rather the goal that I speak of, not of actual achievement.

Did I ever say “reality isn't there”? I was talking about the definition of truth!

Now you are bringing up another issue I feel should be discussed. However, we need to define what we mean by “knowledge” and, at least in my mind, knowledge includes the concept of “truth”. In order to discuss “knowledge” we should at least be able to agree on the definition of “truth”.

I have put forth my definition of truth: “truth is exactly what you believe to be true”. As I said, “I would challenge anyone to prove that what he believes to be true is not true”. The only problem I see with my definition is that truth is not unchanging. Certainly you seem to see “knowledge” as changing. You also seem to be attaching the idea of truth to knowledge.

If you would like to define knowledge as “what you think is true”, I would willingly change the subject to “understanding knowledge". If instead your intention is no more than avoiding any discussion, I would be disappointed.

Have fun -- Dick

The only universal truth is that every system works toward equilibrium. Thermodynamics, for instance.

Reality is embedded with balance, in every facet of it's nature.