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Detroit Bankruptcy - Just The Beginning

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Posted 18 August 2013 - 12:29 AM

A very informative and sarcastically entertaining new Video by Stefan Molyneux (July 2013). All Facts, all extremely worrisome.

Bottom Line is This: Democrat Politicians + Socialist Agenda = Bankruptcy and Societal Meltdown

1st its Detroit, next California and Chicago, followed by most of this once-great country...

Plus for shits and giggles lets imagine Adding into the equation 15+ million Illegals to become welfare and social security-worthy "Citizens" who will help ensure to keep Democratic Policy in place, plus Obamacare, which is already a job-crushing, insurance rate-raising Trainwreck. (and exponentially worse than promised in the long run)

Not saying our current batch of Republicans are that much better, they just "manage" decline instead of "fast-tracking" it.

Now is the time to vote for a 3rd party Independent folks...I myself like to think of the possibility of a 'Green Constitutional Libertarian' political party movement. :)

Anywayz, that being said, you can watch the video and draw your own conclussions.