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Time Machine

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Posted 14 November 2010 - 04:49 AM

Time Machine

Technical recommendations for designers of "time machine" on the basis of the quantum theory of space.
The technical appendix to the quantum theory of space-time. 3p.
(In search « Microcosm and space geometry » – the full version),
If attentively to read the theory, underwritten it will be clear.
The set of minds was occupied with subjects of travel in time. However a theoretical basis for such a technical project, till now didn't exist. Presently in laboratories of many countries, the experiments, which purpose are for certain made, to study influence on time course in space, various physical effects. Experiments were carried out by the "spear", based on a random result-without the theoretical framework. In my opinion, the error of such experiments consists that, the space-time in any laboratory installation isn't isolated from enormous volume of space-time of all Universe, and thus, influence of any physical effect dissipates on huge space volume, and the total effect is simply insignificant. For example, if we want to keep for a long time hot tea we pour it in a thermos, or we want to drain a part of sea coast we isolate a part of coast from other sea and we pump out water. To try to take out all sea it is senseless. Thus, at first it is necessary to create
«space-time thermostat». Conditionally speaking, "warming up" space cells in it, we can accelerate time course in the given volume, and "cooling" accordingly, to reduce speed of time. That is, according to the theory to create an insulator for counterreactance of supervacuum, for – avoidance of interaction of channels of supervacuum between internal volume of the thermostat and external volume of the Universe. In a reality, will formulate more correctly, – considerably to reduce this interaction in some number of times. From reactance of supervacuum (a bend of measurements) to be isolated while theoretical possibility it is not looked through yet. Action of "a spatial wind» in such installation, also decreases. On quality of "insulator" will depend, how many energy should spend for "warming up" or "cooling", and how much time will be kept independently this changed condition in the isolated volume.
According to the theory, at decrease in temperature of substance, its influence on space grows (superconductivity-superfluidity). Thus, it is necessary to search for an insulator of counterreactance of supervacuum among superconductors, or among helium 4 and 3. The superconductors made of metals and their alloys, it is necessary to cool liquid helium 4. (The minimum pressure of transition in a liquid state – about 10 atmospheres.) it is quite probable that the wall of «the space-time thermostat» can consist of "sandwich" of alternating layers of superconductor-superfluid liquid helium. The quantity and which thickness – are unknown. The request not to confuse it to coils for accelerators of elementary particles!

Superconductor - closes the "magnetic" measurements in the ring structures, and superfluid helium forms a chain of "electric" measurements. Of course, in order to prevent internal thermal cooling of an isolated volume within, set thermal insulator.
So, the first part of the "time machine" has already been described. It remains to introduce a means of changing the state of the cells of the space inside an isolated volume.
The energy source can be installed inside the machine, if you need a complete sealing of the volume. (Lithium, silver and cadmium accumulators or batteries).
If this proves feasible, energy input from outside, through the thin superconducting wires with thin insulation. (Nature, as it were "concerned" about the fact that the density of current (energy) in a superconductor was highest, and the section of the conductor (breaking tightness) the lowest.) Input can be not only energy, but the output of useful information from the isolated volume installation.
Means of registration of a course of time
The detectors may be on different principles.
Radioactive materials depending on the speed of time will vary the amount of radioactivity. With the acceleration of time - to increase the radioactivity at slowdown - to reduce the radioactivity. Can be very portable. Displacement of emission or absorption lines in the spectra of many substances (light is entered, or just comes to out in (or from) the installation zone, through a thin optical fiber). And also, the generators, such as quantum, piezoelectric, mechanical, and others.

Now about the means of changes in the state cells of space-time.

They can be of different nature.


Molecules of chemical substances have the spin moment which also can change after chemical reaction.
For example: exothermic and endothermic reactions. Perhaps interesting is the reaction of phenol combustion in a solution of salts of manganese (+7), by mixing solutions.


Change of power level of cells at dissolution of some salts in water.


Heat for a short time inside an isolated volume by means of an electrocurrent.


The rotation of a heavy body (mainly spherical) in three planes simultaneously. You can simply reconstruct the motion of surface points of the body with rubber wheels pressed to the ball without using a gimbal. Ball can be made of superconducting material, and is in the superconducting state (condition).


Optical coil (reel). Creating a coil wound on the principle of ordinary electromagnetic, but wound optical fiber. Inside the fiber is passed sufficiently intense light beam with a certain polarization vector, which can accelerate the "rotation" cell space. Chaotic polarization of the electric vector of the ray may not give results.


Using of an electric field on the plates (one or two pairs - at an angle of 90°) located in an isolated volume.

Restriction on the magnitude of voltage depends on the dielectric and the polarization at high voltage.

Magnetic coils established on pushing away (slow down time, increasing loading on supervacuum that can be used for communication through supervacuum), attraction, or, by simulating the form of a spatial cell (probably accelerate the time). The current in this construction of the 3 pairs of coils moves, imitating movement of flutes of "screws" in space measurements (dimensions).

Restriction on the magnitude of the current strength. Superconducting coil in excess of current density may explode.
As amplifiers of electric and magnetic elastic deformations of cells of space can serve as a ferroelectric and ferromagnetic materials, as well as optically active substances.

Methods with the use of near-light speed and super-strong gravitational fields are not considered, because of the high energy of these two methods, which do not require the use of an insulator in space-time.

Certainly, "time machine" it not the near future project. However movement on this way becomes much easier with theoretical support and a substantiation.

Andrey Polevikov

October 31, 2010

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Posted 14 November 2010 - 08:48 AM

I think a possible time machine would be one that sends quantum "information" backward in time as "anti-information" (as per Feynman interpretation of antimatter), in such a way that it could interact with "information" derived from matter, then carry that information back to the future. There are many examples of matter + antimatter interactions (mesons, positronium, etc.), thus providing a possibility for information + anti-information interactions. This option of "anti-information travel" backward in time (that is, between any two (t) moments, present and past) allows travel with 0% possibility of changing any physical event given that only information type interaction events would occur in the past (such as, you could not kill one of your grandparents, etc.). You would however, be able to bring forward to future useful new "information" about your grandparents that could be put to good use for the future.

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 04:26 AM

This continuation is a response to your argument. I work very slowly but thoroughly.
Time Machine 4, teleportation, UFO and others is here: http://docme.ru/U4h
Contains formulas.
Here is short variant only (above).

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 11:41 AM


Time machine discussions are always fascinating. Try shooting a high voltage arc into the vortex of the superfluid...