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  1. As for the slugfest, it is more of a Schroedenger's Catbox hissy fit, only the box is semi-transparent, so we don't need to lift the lid... just press the flush lever :D As for the Bohr model, not here. As for the presence of a neutron, my suggestion only, at this point, would be adding a 3rd, intermediate plane that bisects the neutron center. At this point it would only be a "first pass" suggestion, but it's ironic because that very same thought occurred to me yesterday, although I've really been envisioning carbon. Are you psychic? :blink:
  2. The fact that you interpretted my words to have this meaning is indicative of your inability to read comprehensively. Your weak imagination is a given. Flamboyant use of emoticons is not imaginative, it is only wishful thinking at best. That's normal, though, for a 3 year old or someone jaded going senile. If you would decide to refrain from stalking me, or even perhaps clicking on the metaphorical "ignore this dude" button, you might give fewer opportunities for other members to see you as a troll with thousands of posts. As I said before, your attacks on me only demonstrate your pedantic n
  3. This is what I found most attractive to this discussion, where it relates to the FSC. Blackbody Radiation, referring to Kirchof, relates back to the singularity. This is why the tetrahedron offers a geodesic that is not isolated to merely a faceted interpretation of a light cone. It would have the ability to converge as well as diverge, same as any primary quantum packet, still the fine structure intrinsically intends to define the singularity. A black body is not static. It is rotating, thus comparable to the vortex model, yet it is polyhedral as well, ironically revisiting the notion of a cu
  4. So it's warnings of hazardous snow storms out East... close to May. I don't blame anyone in the hazard zones for staying in denial.
  5. Yes. We shall one day. It will be interesting to see where this type of discussion heads in 5 or 10 years. As for now, I've been pondering the possibility of the pyramid without sharp edges of corners. I keep returning to the eccentric elliptoid with tetrahedral foci then added to m/2PI log r as an integral rather than a summation using the centers of the focae along the base as the outer plane, while the spherical vertex of the convergent foci supplies the innewr plane. (Also, I noticed I misspelled "twistor" in my earlier post. :rolleyes: ) It might be good to ask if you are familiar with
  6. Actually. I don't see anything he posts. I only click occasionally to see if it is still stlking, inflamatory, demeaning, etc. and if it is, I move on. The discussions I have with real people on the street about global warming are interesting, not from the viewpoint of good or bad information, but from the position of the person's psychology. Some people who smoke cigarette, for example, will agree with my "soapbox" but also admit they can't quit. Others will vehemently demand their right to smoke and in the same breath denounce any evidence of cigarettes contributing to cancer, let alone
  7. I don't believe it has to know anymore that a stream of water knows where the center of a rock is. As a thought experiment, imagine we suspend a window screen inside a gimbal, then suspend the gimbal from a pulley system with a counterweight, far enough up where we can either allow the mist setting stream from a garden hose to either be sprayed through from beneath or outside and above our screen. Not only would there be a time lag when sprayed from beneath and through the screen, due to restoration force as the water reaches an effective level then descends, the downbound quantity of water wi
  8. We can't truly say at this point. We need to see if this actually happens. If it does, we need to measure the effects this time around and compare those to the earlier records of weather during and directly after the Maunder Minimum. Just a hunch, but we might expect, if each of these type phases is incrementally rising the temperature magnitude, the new cooling period may be severe, but very short in duration. How short? Nobody knows right now. If the cooling phase is a duplicate of weather during the Maunder Minimum, then we could expect a return to normal as weather history basically rep
  9. http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2008/30oct_ftes/ This is an expanded process, as it would seem, of an internal solar process I suggested to NASA's BPP (formerly in Lewis Research Center; the acronym was U.P.S.I.D.A.I.S.I.U.M.; didn't get that grant... probably because of that acronym...:( ) so akin to an idea coming full circle. (no pun in that intended) If we place our finger on a plasma globe or tube, it reacts with a glow near our finger. The chaotic plasma's collective nature is affected. If the FTE happens every 8 minutes, this would likely affect the earth's fie
  10. http://hinode.nao.ac.jp/news/120419PressRelease/index_e.shtml Took a little searching, but this showed up... on the other side... far away from everything else on the other side... :) Sun! Have you rehabilitated yourself?
  11. Excuse me if there is no reference to this idea, since this has been brought up to me as a forum rule a few times. (It's an absurd rule that favors pedants and small thinking anyway... :rolleyes: ) I notice this rule is often broken, so one would see it as up to interpretation, or the poster's judgement call. This, for instance would have no links, YouTubers or current references, but must rely on the memory of an old dude such as me. When I grew up, Alcoa Aluminum advertized a method of insulating freezer cars for trains by using alternating layers of aluminum foil and newspaper. The ad de
  12. Imagine a variation of the pyramid as a continuum! All spherical vertices. In that I'm referring to all triangles, side and base, are eliptical. We could actually apply this geometry to the orbital wave-particle structure of the atomic orbitals. The higher the atomic number, so the denominative ratio of the major axis to the minor axis, and proportional to the eccentricity of the foci. Apply the motion chacteristics of a 2 plane vortex and voila! we develop an eliptically, triangular twister. Because the tetrahedral vertices are also eliptical, what would diminish to a conical vertex, having t
  13. It depends on the effective direction of gravity. If gravity is an attractive force, yes, because quantum gravitational loops would include length as well as height and possibly depth. If gravity is is an inbound, impacting force, no, because the Cavendish experiment would demonstrate attraction of the spheres from an imbalance of internal streams, streams between the spheres and streams outside the spheres. As of the moment, nobody really knows.
  14. Another thought crossed my mind in a conversation I was having with an electronics expert about the existence of electric fields. Any dark matter object would likely not only be invisible because it either deflects or absorbs light, but it would be opaque as well. If it were to exist in the center of the universe, it would obscure any galactic or intergalactic material on its other side. 1. It would be likely it was in the center and, being so highly energetic as to either absorb or deflect light at a distance, its rotating velocity would be well above any universal limb we might reside in
  15. Thanx for bringing that in, Craig. I did a more generalized search that gave the reference I cited. I may have mentioned another one I'd found describing a wood carving of a "whirlwind" from 1050. One problem we may encounter in the future is the recent discredit being aimed at wiki. Wiki's a good source, but now I feel as though I should looking at Brittanica more. Somehow, I don't think that changes the comparison all that much. As you point out, the terminology changed. Wilhelm apparently had no word for what he witnessed. The earlier wood carving, though, would be tougher to misconstrue
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