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Alternate theory from an Astronomy & Cosmology thread

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Posted 28 February 2009 - 09:17 AM

Most references are defined as relative, except the speed of light. It would make sense to use this absolute reference, as the normalized reference, so you don't run the risk of reference illusions created by relative reference.

I have done this before, using two stationary and one moving reference. We add a given amount of energy to create one moving reference out of the three stationary. The relative reference criteria will allow the single moving reference to see the two stationary references, moving. This creates double the actual energy that was added. Relative reference allows perpetual motion affects. This could explain why there are so many possible scenarios since we can create as much energy as needed, without violating the flexibility of relative reference. We don't know what was added so we can pick whatever we need or want.

If you look at gravity or GR, the bulk affect is causing space-time reference to head toward distance contraction and time dilation. Or it is heading toward C reference, with a black hole sort reaching the reference limit (infinite time, etc). Even fusion within stars, by generating energy, is causing matter, which can't go C, to change phase, so it can become part of absolute reference. An accelerated expansion is using SR, and also trying to approach the C reference. Forces move at C and create more C reference out of matter, via energy release.