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Time Travel 2

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Posted 09 June 2004 - 08:56 PM

interesting. i like that idea actually. but i'll keep an open. my mind set is: Everything is possible, EVERYTHING, no matter how much evidence you have to disprove it, one law in physics in the future could make everything you know today look like mush. for example, look at newton's laws of physics. they still apply, but some of them were disproved by einstein. newton said space and time were absolute and light was relative, and einstein said space and time were relative and light was absolute, however i must disagree with teh lgiht part. if anything, everything, including light, is relative. but do you see, newton had quite a bit of proof for his laws, but einstein's laws surpassed his, and while newton may be right in day to day occurences, einstein is more accurate and is more correct than newton is. this is what i mean, you can't trust science to always be correct, absolutely correct all the time. you have to have an open mind, and in my case, and many others as well, evidence that it has changed. do you guys finally see what i emant by that?