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Greetings From The Small Blue Planet

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 08:19 PM

Hello scienceforum members. My name is Tim, or savageagle as cherokee.
I'm not a student nor a scientist but I think all the time about space and the mysteries of creation and the universe. I'm a very spiritual
person and religious I guess because my faith and belief in God (creator) I feel is something that is imbedded within my DNA, it can
never be changed. I do though have doubts about everything else religious. I know from history that alot of things that were written by man
do not always convey the truth and sometimes things are written because thats what "they" want us to beleive or it's just plain inaccurate.
My father was a lucky man who started work with Lockheed in sunnyvale, cal back in the late 50's as a custodian. Every time he saw a
posting for a chance to move up he took it taking classes to further educate himself. He started engineering when the space program
started with gemini, apollo and all the way through the shuttle program and retired in 91. All those years his relationship with space
motivated me to be involved someway with space. He engineered and developed many things for the Navy Dept and NASA including
panels for switches and gauges and many parts on the lunar lander and rover. Everyone that worked on those projects signed a huge
piece of paper that was then micro-filmed down and wrapped around the flag pole that was placed in the lunar soil.
Myself I've been a mechanic for GMC most of my life as well as currently a volunteer fire fighter and EMT/SAR and communications
tech for my community and the county of Fresno's OES since 1993. I'm a mountain person and spend all my free time above 6000 feet
training myself and my 25 yo son about off roading, hiking and rope rescue techniques, how to NOT get lost and too many more areas of
survival to list here.
I love to star gaze and have bounced radio signals off the moon down to other parts of this world. I have interests in big foot, UFO's and
the recent possible discovery of evidence supporting the truth that mermaids or aquatic humans may be real. I know, that sounds unreal
but as time goes by and we explore more and more in places we couldn't get to before we will discover many new things that we thought
could not exist. more and more people exploring more and better technologies are helping to accelerate this process.
Just because we can't smell it, see it, feel it or hear it doesn't mean it's not there so for me I beleive there's much more to our world than
we think.
Anyway, i'm very happy to be part of this forum and look forward to reading and reading which will be educating to say the least.
Hopefully I will have something to share that will educate at least one person. If you got it, share it.

So, greetings to all................Be safe and well


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Posted 10 May 2013 - 10:44 PM

welcome to the menagerie tim. :wave2: :earth: