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I want to request the admin to plz make a forum for Environmental Sciences.


There is one for Earth Sciences..which is supposed to include Environmental Sciences posts as well...but there is a lot of difference between the two disciplines.


Please look into the matter and do the needfull.


Thank for Your Time




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We will consider adding a forum for that. In order to start new forums we need to know that there is a real need for them.


Please explain the differences between Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences.


well i did a wiki search for that and i found this out

Environmental science

Environmental science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Earth science

Earth science - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


i hope Govind will give you more info on that since i am not an expert in this area



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I find such distinctions questionable, and can see it leading to a problem finding a topic. The intent of various forums is to make things easier. Otherwise, we'd have a forum for everything.


Example: Math forum is good enough. We do not need an algebra forum, calculus forum, euclidean geometry forum, non-euclidean geometry forum, Imaginary numbers forum.... It all goes in Math. It gets out of hand in a hurry if you keep subcategorizing every little thing.


Stick it in Earth Sciences. It's a very broad umbrella to catch all of the idea precipitation. :shade:



We need an umbrella forum, and a raincoat forum, and a... :rainumbrella:

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I agree, enviornmental issues fit perfectly in Earth Sciences. It is a logical subset of earth sciences.

That being said, I agree enviornmental issues are very important (the most important issue in the broad category of earth sciences in my opionion). However, the forum structure, as InfiniteNow stated, is there to make things easier to find. It is a logical hierarchy, not a hierarchy of importance.

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....."put everything under the umbrella"...i was kinda expecting tht kind of a reply!!! :bdayparty:


so..for all the wise guys !!!...temme this...


When a forum on "Biology" exists already...subtitled "Life in all varieties. What is it, and how does it evolve?" ....how come we also ve a Medical Science forum!?


And now where will you post something related to the HIV (which is medically important...and evolutionarily really interesting ?)


Likewise, when a forum on Physics and Mathematics exists...subtitled "Formulae, ideas, theories, speed of light, black holes...why is there a Space Forum as well!?


BOTTOMLINE....when it comes to making a new post..people who want to do it...know where to do it!


At the same time...I do agree that Environmental Science is a highly interdisciplinary field...and it overlaps with..not just Earth Sciences....but almost every other forum on the board.


So...I really don't think there would be any harm in making a new forum for that.


However...going through the first two pages of the Earth Sciences Forum (as on when this post is made)...it is clear that the forum has more than 80% posts related to Environmental Science...instead of Earth Science!..so I think we can even think of renaming it as the Environmental Science Forum!:)


However still, if its proposed to make a separate forum for Environmental Scinces...i suggest we do not call it Environmental Science but Environmental Studies Forum instead....which will then include relevant issues such as 'people and conservation' (socio-ecology), 'resource economics' (environmental economics), sustainability, GIS and stuffs.




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I think my browser..or somethin screwed up somewhere...and i kept getting this msg...


Govind, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:


Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.


...so i wasnt able to chek the space forum!


But im gald you are considering the env. forum !




P.S. regarding tht error i kept getting..i sent a mail to th admin...but now its workin fine...guess it was either my ISP or the browser.

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“Environmental science”, is, I think, more an interdisciplinary than a basic science, combining biology, meteorology, and even sociology, psychology, and politics. It’s fairly well-established and defined. I think a separate forum for it is a good idea – not only because many guests and members would find it interesting, but because it would provide a more appropriate forum for many posts that currently don’t fit well in Earth Science, Biology, Medicine, Astronomy, etc.


Re making “environmental science” a subforum: as with other interdisciplinary sciences, it’s difficult to decide which in which current forum it belongs. It’s primarily about biology, but also about geology, and, increasingly, about solar and planetary physics. As I see it, if it justifies a forum of its own, it needs to be a separate physical science forum.

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