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Metallic glass


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Although the term "Metallic glass" sounds like an oxymoron, it is, in fact, a reality, one which is steadily being pioneered. Currently, the crystal like structure of metals prevents them from being stronger, but that could be changed if the metal is cooled ultra fast. At the moment, grain boundaries cause metals to slowly fail, but metallic glass would prevent this.


See the following link:


His Nibs: Metallic glass: a drop of the hard stuff - Features: New Scientist


Does anyone else know anything about this?

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Awesome.. If they can perfect that stuff, it would make a nice knife blade.


Nice springy metal holds and edge better, and is less likely to crack. (look around, you can find videos of swords/knives that are bent in to weird proportions, and snap back in to place)


And such a low melting point, good god that'd be easy to work.. Problem would be you'd have to use a low-speed tool for shapeing, lest you get it too hot.


P.S. Ron, I knew that.. But as I'm sure you can guess by the above post, I know abit about metal working :shrug: And I'm also a fountain of absolutely useless information.

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