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What's the strongest material available?

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Well, that depends upon what you mean by "toughest", doesn't it?   In physics and material science, there are several completely different measures of toughness.   Compression -- how much "squeeze" ca

I could suggest several, but none of them would be the "best" in any single category. What you are looking for is "unobtainium". :) But my nomination for the best all-round "toughest" material woul

But diamond will also be brittle. And from what I know, it is cleaved in specific planes with ease.   And, er guys, don't forgetr the carbides and other interstitial alloy solids. What about tungsten

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The links just send me round in circles....there doesn't seem to be a way of measuring the ability of the material to resist being bent...it's not the same as what would snap it if it were made into a wire.....

I think what you're looking for is "rigidity".


From the Wictionary:

rigid (comparative more rigid, superlative most rigid)

1. stiff rather than flexible

2. fixed rather than moving

3. rigorous and unbending

4. uncompromising


Related terms: rigidity

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Each configuration will lend different results.


The width of a wire for example will determine some of it's characteristics. Is it in block form or in the form of an i-beam. These are structural limitations of the material. They do not tell us much about the material until we compare two identical structures made out of two different materials. Then we have a comparitive view of the material to state which is stronger for this structural use.


In discussing strength of materials one must be clear as to what kind of strength one is looking for. Is maleability a strength in your mind? Then I would say gold one of the strongest. If you think that cutting other materials is a strength, then I'd say diamond chips are strong, but raw diamond isn't that strong.


You must give parameters for discussion.

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as far as I know I’m pretty sure the strongest is carbon nanotubes. they are bonded into strings at the molecular level and were viewed as a way to build the space elevator ( Space elevator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) they cant be compressed by anything besides maybe a star they don’t pull apart except in extreme circumstances and they are light weight.

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