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The Hardest FreeCell Games

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You have all played M$ solitaire, and probably got bored with it as I did--very quickly. Now, FreeCell is a much more challenging game. Most folks have to play at least a dozen games before they fin

Dave Ring formed the Internet Freecell Project in the 1990's to answer this question. Human solvers worked collaboratively to show that all of the original 32,000 games were solvable. Game 11,982 whic

Preparing to try a few of the questions in this thread, I wrote a text based MUMPS implementation of the Freecell game. While I’m a Freecell newb/slouch, winning about 50% on the windows version, and

I love the game. I am also playing it sequentially. Outside of 11982, I haven't found one I couldn't beat, and I am not so sure about it...I go at it a different way every so often, sometimes I get a lot further than I did before. Just to add some spice to the mix, I always look for an ace that is pinned under anything but a king, or the next lowest card that is the last card in one of the queques. Then I play the game so that the card covering that ace is the last one I move to one of the four rows, it works if it's a king but then one of my rows starts with a queen when I finish the game. In most games the cards that have already rolled up to the four suit spaces on the right when I finish a game ends up being seven, 3 aces, two 2s, and one three. Occasionally though I get 2 or 3 aces, or an ace and a few twos, pinned under a six or a jack or whatever. I've had as few as one card up there when I made the final move. Someday I'll get a game with all 4 aces pinned, then I will have four perfect runs from King to 2 when I make the last move. Keeps me from tearing through the games quite so fast. I played one game where I didn't have to move even a single card up above in a free cell to finish it. Wrote it down in a notebook somewhere, I'll post it when I come across it, and you'll have to give a try. If it wasn't for freecell I would never have discovered this site. It was fate I tell you...fate.

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