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What's your philosophical/religious perspective?

What are your philosophical schools?  

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  1. 1. What are your philosophical schools?

    • Logical Positivism
    • Existentialism
    • Rationalism
    • Dialectic Materialism
    • Idealism
    • Monism
    • Dualism
    • Relativism
    • Nihilism
    • Others, Specify

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I happen to be a person whom, is deeply spiritual, and very much religious.

I also happen to be a person whom is deeply rooted in the here and now. A being whom strives to be rational, and logical. That doesn't mean I abandon my feelings and intuitions at a moments notice, or that I exclude them from my consideration process only that I integrate them, hone them, and refine them into a fine tool.


I do not believe in innate purpose. Nor a beginning or end to the whole universe. I believe that we are here, existing. That is the whole truth. No reason or ryme. I believe when I die, that is the ceasation of the perspective that is me. No afterlife, no serene eternity, or eternal torment to meet me "afterwards".


I believe in people finding their own purpose, and lacking that making purpose for themselves and helping others to do like wise. If your alive, then you can do things to benefit everyone, including yourself.


As a humanist, I have decided not to put my faith in some irrelevant ancient, mythological deity and place it where it should be. Here and now. I hold faith in humanity, and in the ideals that I hold, that others like me hold.


All that groks is divine.


I am an Objecitive Idealist, Dialectic Materialist, Secular, Non-Theistic, Humanist, comflected of Pantheism.


Comflect [kuhm - flekt']

v. com·flect·ed, com·flect·ing, com·flects

v. tr.

  • [1] With the bend, or bent with, or bends with.

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I don't BELIEVE in anything. I have no need to. I accept for convenience things that have a relatively high level of valid support.


e.g. I accept for convenience "gravity". While I may work to comprehend our current understanding of it, I accept for convenience that if I pick up one foot, something we call gravity will pull it back down. If I did not work within this acceptance, I would be afraid to ever lift a foot as it may not ever be able to keep me in place again.


Belief is only needed when you wish to accept something that lacks valid support.


Do you "believe" in refrigerator? No, no need to.

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What's the difference between Nihilist and Unitarians?


At least Nihilists believe in nothing.


I'm not terribly comfortable answering this question because what I consider myself and what other people consider me are two TOTALLY different things. How would you like me to respond?




oh yes: Freethinker, you're a bad mother....

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This a question of what you consider yourself. This is a question of what your doctrine is.


Freethinker, though I know what you mean by not believing in anything. Somewould argue (remember this is philosophy) that what you think exists, what you accept as "valid" or "supported" is but a figment, and is only part of your mind. As such it would be classifiable to talk about such things as concepts or beliefs. Not my arguement on it, but there are people who maintain they and everyone else are but figments or worse, nothing at all.


Also, note this is multipul choice. Though I tried to pick the ones which form the basis of a great deal many other schools of philosophy, I could not put enough choices so I would suggest checking out a list here:

Philosophical Schools and Traditions


I don't think anyone person subscribes to only one, or all of the schools of philosophy. I am willing to bet that your average person bleeds over into at least three different schools.

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