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The Achilles heel of modern authoritarian regimes

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I live in Russia (please note that I support Ukraine). I believe that political science now does not fully understand how authoritarian and totalitarian regimes function, and what is their weakness. These regimes all declare that they are “people’s”, that dictators express the “will of the nation” and so on. These dictators, with the help of propaganda and the repressive machine, do often shape the opinion of the majority of the population in their countries; but they never admit it.
I hope I will not violate the forum rules, if I propose the easiest way for Western countries to defeat Putin and Xi. First, the United States must reconsider its nuclear doctrine and declare that the use of US nuclear weapons is possible only in the form of a symmetrical response. If Putin nukes one city, the United States would nuke one Russian city, if Putin nukes ten, the United States would nike ten, and so on.
Next, the United States must announce that they plan to enter the war in Ukraine, but can reverse this decision if Putin initiates a referendum in Russia with a proposal to end the war, abolish censorship, and release the political prisoners.
I am sure that Russians will vote in this referendum to end the war. If the war continues, Russian soldiers will be unable to fight, because they will suffer from cognitive dissonance - what are they fighting for? For censorship and repression?

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I have written on Medium an article describing my idea:

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