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Firefox 1.0 released

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Firefox 1.0 released today.

check it out at http://www.mozilla.org

For gentoo users, it should be in portage by the end of the day.

For those who dont know what Firefox is, Firefox is a web browser made by Mozilla, that is many times more secure and faster than IE, uses the concept of Tabs, where you shouldnt have more than one window running = less use of your computer resources, also takes less space than IE and has a built in popup blocker, also firefox handles jpegs differently and so foth. Check it out.

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Love it.

Love it love it love it!!!!!


I was reluctantly dragged into Linux, kicking and screaming. I can remember my first encounter with Mozilla. I almost cried. Hubby showed me Firefox and I wanted nothing to do with it. Change, you know, is not always one of my favorite things.


Funny how things change. Hubby upgraded to a new laptop, and I inherited his old one. This is supposed to be better for me, as the new one is set up with our wireless server and hooked into the DirecWay satellite. And what do I use? My old computer with the dial-up. Why? Because his old/my new laptop only has MS XP loaded on it, and I used it for 30 minutes and whined that I wanted Firefox back! Can you believe that? Coming from a person that was an MCSE and taught people how to use NT for over a year, to say that I prefer anything else is almost laughable. But here I am, checking out alexander's link, waiting for the hubby to bring the new download home from work so we can get IE off my 'new' laptop!

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Yeah, we should ask Bill Gates about that one, I guess.


Good idea, Aki. But then again, that would only create a new monopoly on browsers...I think it is really good to see an "underdog" come out of the old mozilla browser and make a real dent in the IE domination.


I too use Firefox for everything now, both on my Mac and my PC. Funnily the only place I use IE is on Virtual PC on my Mac, so that I can check how things look (and use some apps that actually require IE because they use some .NET features not supported by other browsers). So if something wrong happens, like a virus or spyware, I just delete the entire Virtual PC and reinstall it.

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IrishEyes said:

I was reluctantly dragged into Linux, kicking and screaming. I can remember my first encounter with Mozilla. I almost cried. Hubby showed me Firefox and I wanted nothing to do with it. Change, you know, is not always one of my favorite things.

Actually, I've never been a fan of MS products... I used Netscape for a while, until IE 5 came out and it was a little better, so i changed to IE (that was back when i was a Windows geek), then i started hating proprietary software and Microsoft, started writing code and distributing it for free to anyone who needed it, then i got so frustrated with MS and their stupid consept of registry and all the holes in the system and everyone talking about Microsoft being the cutting edge technology and having to prove them wrong, i started using Unix based systems and Firefox was my weapon of choice.


Even though I still run XP as a dualboot on my laptop, my serve runs Gentoo, and whenever i fix my desktop i'm planning to put Gentoo on there. Actually what i really want to then run VirtualMachine software on it and make it my OS playground. I'm planning to put major distributions of linux on there (Red Hat, Debian, Suse, Mandrake, maybe Fedora), some MS stuff (XP, Server 2003), some Unix (either FreeBSD or OpenBSD or maybe both) and Solaris and maybe Be; that should cover most of the platfors that i will ever encounter, ever, so learning how to use them will look good on my resume... + most of them are Unix based anyways so i dont think that I will have too many problems learning to use them (hopefully) (and most of them are free in case of Linuxes, Unixes and Solaris, dont know about Be.)


Aki said:

Why don't they just include Mozilla Firefox with the Windows XP packages for new compouters... I mean it's not very safe to use IE anymore.

I think that Bill there wouldnt use it because it goes against his "principals". Firefox is open-source GNU licensed web browser. It doesn't go much more against Microsofts principals than that, and a step like that, however good it will prove to MS users, will in may peoples eyes weaken MS's hold on the industry, not to say that it is not weakening as we speak, but it will go down drastically. + what do people care, windows takes up a GIG after installation anyways, whats 20 megs of space that IE takes? Install Firefox (5-7 megs), delete all the IE shortcuts, now you have a machine that has firefox on it, ans some .net apps still have their libs. (I will not start a discussion on .net, not worth the time, too many things that are screwed up with it <caugh>stupid microsoft</caugh&gt


I'm glad that everyone here supports Firefox, but did any of you contribute to their movement about 2 weeks ago? You could make a donation (30 bucks from regular person, 10 from students), and they will put your name on the 1 page add in the NY Times. First time in the history when an open-source community came together to make a promotion such as this...

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Firefox is an open-source, GNU copyleft licensed peiece of software, and that goes against all that Bill Gates is trying to hang on to. Hackers, if they wanted to, could have already come up with those viruses, but a virus has nothing to do with the browser (unless it is embedded in a jpg in which case firefox will block it), its the system that it compromises, and microsoft stinks at making their system secure. There are so many holes in Windows that you can see through it, SP2 doesnt improve the situation by much either, except for maybe all the hundreds of updates that it installs, it pretty much blocks you from doing whatever you were doing on your own computer and puts more bariers for you to jump, more RAM usage, more processor power needed, all that good stuff.


Unix is virtually unhackable on the other hand; it is impossible to exploit the kernel itself, so all the 49 viruses that ever came out for unix systems exploited the utilities that come standard with installations of certain distributions of Linux...

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