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Well, I get your point.


As we go deeper and deeper into matter, we get closer and closer to energy.


So I guess that it's just a question of pinpointing the point at which the particle ceases to be matter, and begins being energy.


Lets assume a few limits.


Say- atoms are the limit of matter.

Say- Protons, Neutrons and electrons are matter, every thing else energy.



I guess that it's just a question of our method of defining.


How can I harness/utilize the energy of glass?
Actually, nobody can answer that question correctly for now.


But you have heard of nuclear fission producing power. In that process, we convert some of the mass of uranium atoms into energy.

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I guess that it's just a question of our method of defining.

Exactly. The Universe exists independently of our classification of it. Classification is a process used by life to aid survival. Humans have carried it to a higher level than other life forms. We should recognise that the distinction between matter and energy is one made for our convenience, not as an absolute description of absolute truth.
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If I was to fly towards you in a spaceship at .99999999C and turn on my headlight and you were to get in your spaceship and fly at me at .1 C or if I managed to reach C on my own.


You would see the frequency and wavelength of my headlight 'light energy' collapse. :)


Is this how matter is made? A version of energy that was going C that has collapsed into 0 frequency and wavelength and has then taken on a new frequency in the form of an atomic spin frequency consisting of locked up energy frequencies. Holding together because of the rotation of 0 wavelength light, making E assume zero V and begin rotating at atomic V which then can not exceed C because it will need to collapse a force equal and opposite to it thus never reachable.


Does energy get caught in what we call the 'electron cloud' (the lower energy state of the many versions of clouds), and start filliing it up with collapsing waves (packing it fuller)making it expand and supply it momentum untill the solid collapsed energy spins at the speed of C and pops and sends out an equal and opposite energy that was supplied?


Does a high enough energy (gamma or what not) exceed the popping ability of the electron cloud and pass into the core of neutrons/protons, being smaller clouds that are higher energy state (by mainting a faster avg rotation) and collapse into them adding to their energy which pops more 'frequently' with a high concentration of locked energy.


Could a more compact faster spinning collapsed energy cloud (neutron/proton) find there way into free floating larger clouds of less energy due to trying to equal out energy values. causing an atracting force. But the Electron cloud cant handle the same energy and keeps popping it off.


And could the magnetic field be this zero frequency collpased energy spray out the poles somewhat like a black hole.


And could all this collapsed energy and frequency energy create an effect such as time? where is measured by the change between frequency into frequency collapsation.


Where collapsing frequency energy open a new window of opportunity for another limit of C because one united into ONE it has now assumed 0 velocity and sort of resets its speed. And in this state take on new characteristics that we represent as matter. E=MC^2. Does energy need to collpase to become matter and then does that matter need to act at C to release the energy back out at C? C*C.


When you look around you. You see hard stuff (matter) with energy coming from it at C. It sort of does seem as though the matter is like whole bunch of tiny compressed springs and energy is those springs bursting away and landing on other squished springs to simplify it alot.

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