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Quiz Contest Winners!

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The winners of our 6th anniversary quiz contest have been announced!


The results can be found here:





First prize

$100 dollars (paid via PayPal or Amazon gift card)

Platinum subscription to the Hypography forums ($75 value)

Hypography t-shirt ($16 value)


Second prize

Gold subscription ($50 value)

Hypography T-shirt ($16 value)


Third prize

Silver subscription ($25 value)

Hypography T-shirt ($16 value)


Now go check out who won.... :D


Congratulations to the winners! And thanks to all who participated, it was a fun contest.


I am going to sleep, it's 2:34 am here. What I do for you guys. :hihi:

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YEAH!!! I beat the True/False quiz! Take that Racoon!


Did ANYONE understand the reference in the question about the three images? :hihi: I will REP anyone who can correctly PM me what that referenced.:D :)


Congrats to everyone who played and won. :D Mine ranked so low that Tormod might increase my sponsorship fee for freightening people away.:) :)



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