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LaTeX Fomulas: Math v2.0

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Just to look cool and show how little life i have:





% This is merely for reference

%\multiput(0, 0)(7.5, 0){5}{\line(0, 1){20}}

%\multiput(0, 0)(0, 5){5}{\line(1, 0){30}}


\put(5.5, 5.5){\line(1, 5){2.2}}

\put(11.5, 5.5){\line(1, 5){.85}}

\put(13, 12){\line(1, 5){0.75}}

\put(18, 6){\line(1, 5){1.75}}

\put(22, 6){\line(1, 5){1.75}}

\put(13, 12){\line(1, 0){4.5}}

\put(12.5, 10){\line(1, 0){4.5}}

\qbezier(17, 10)(19, 11)(17.5, 12)

\qbezier(5.5, 5.5)(7.5, 3)(11, 5.5)

\qbezier(18, 6)(19.5, 4.5)(21.5, 6)

\qbezier(7.7, 16.5)(10.5, 18.5)(13, 15.5)

\qbezier(19.5,14.9)(21, 17)(23.75,14.9)




Note: revision two, now even cooler looking

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Ok, couple of new things i have so far found with this version of latex:


\left now requires \right, this is sort of a bummer sometimes, i know, but get used to it... (yes that means that you have to provide a right delimiter as well, no it cant be empty for some reason)


in arrays, the next array space delimiter i.e going to the second c in {c c} is a single & (it will scream at a double with a random issue "Extra alignment tab has been changed to \cr")


By the way, you will notice that latex now shows you the error message, sometimes googling it is not a bad idea, or for a quick outline of the most common errors, have a quick glimpse at this page here: Common LaTeX Errors


Lastly you will notice that the [math] tag no longer works at all, and i dont think we are bringing it back, though i should probably make it work like math tags, just so at least some of the formulas will show up :)

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If, like me, you have some equally geeky mates, this equation editor ( Warning: this is a download, maybe check Ronan's website first) allows you to compose Latex equations and drag/drop them in compiled form into your mailer (or OpenOffice, for that matter).



Beauty of Ubuntu - just click and all the dependencies come too, all correctly assigned. If you already have tetex and/or livetex, nothing is corrupted, as far as I can tell. 38 files are automatically downloaded and installed, ~30min on my rig


Open with the command "eqe" in your terminal. I like it a lot.

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example of aligning equations from the other tutorial, just so they are almost redundant:


[math]\begin{split}E^2-(pc)^2&=(m_0c^2)^2\\E^2&=(m_0c^2)^2+(pc)^2\\E&=\sqrt{(m_0c^2)^2+(pc)^2}\\E&=c\times\sqrt{(m_0c)^2+p^2}\\\text{where } p=\gamma m_0v\\E&=c\times\sqrt{m_0^2c^2+\gamma ^2m_0^2v^2}\\E&=m_0c\times\sqrt{c^2+\gamma v^2}\end{split}[/math]

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Dear @alexander ,the formulas that you had written are not matter to understand or interprete.

but  I have very short time to submit at least a few of my papers  these days ,some matters happening.

so ,may I ask ;


how long does it take to learn it enough this programme ,to write a good paper? (assume please I do not know anything yet :( )

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The easy way to learn latex is find a document written by someone and modify as you go, not too hard and veeery powerful! And you can learn while doing (once you have a tex-doc to modify).

If you are not on linux, it needs a bit more to install all the stuff, but there are PLENTY of walkthroughs on the net, just search "install Latex on [your OS]"

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