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Quiz contest is on!

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From May 7 through May 14, we are running a competition for Best Quiz in preparation of Hypography's 6th anniversary.


Ten quizzes have been submitted, and vary from music theory to ultimate braintwisters.


Find all the quizzes here:



When you reach the last page of the quiz, you will be asked to rate each quiz from 1-10 (10 being the best) on the quiz topic, the quality of the questions, and the "overall tilt" (ie, how well you liked it).


The winning quiz, as well as the two runner-ups, will be announced on our anniversary, May 17th.


Good luck to the contestants, and feel free to post slander, rumours, small talk and behind-the-scenes squabble in our competition forum.


Quiz away!

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These quizes are tough!


Jay-qu's was tough!

I did my own Biology Quiz, and still missed a couple!! :hihi:

I threw a couple easy ones in, but man it is tougher when you take it, then when you design it.


Orby had a nice quiz! :)

I got most of it right, but there were a few difficulties...


I need to rest my brain before I tackle any more.


I did the Romance Language quiz too. Thinking I should ACE it because I know Spanish...Wrong!


So far so good!!!

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Yes, but it's not public - it needs some rewriting.


We had a quiz module for a prior version of the forums but it basically sucked big time. The one I have is slightly better but I need to make user logins....


But anyone who wants to submit a quiz for our site simply needs to list 10-20 questions with 2-4 options each, and I will publish it.

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