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Unc. Martin asked me maybe I would start a new topic on eastern philosophy. but the topic would be to wide a scope or maybe uninteresting and naive to some. so i decided to talk about this book: Shantaram by Greg Roberts. http://www.anovelview.com/greg_roberts.htm

I haven't read though coz I can't find it here(yet). but the summary looks interesting. Perhaps anyone who've read it might give some insights

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Tinny, I truly appreciate your efforts here. But just posting a link to a book without details and not having read it yourself is well short of getting the topic going.

As Tormod states, I think just opening the dialog on the general topic should do better.


I suggest we lock this one and that Tinny start another with a little about Eastern Philo (No not the dough!)


I mean, what do you consider Eastern Philo to be, how is it different from.. Western Philo?

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I was hoping someone who's read the book would tell about it, because i want to know too since I can't get it here in this country


PM me with your address and I'll send it to you if I can find it. I mean, if I can send candy to Norway, I can send a book to wherever you are, right?


(Oh yeah, candy will be there soon. Having some trouble finding the exact brand that was requested, but have aline on it now. Sorry for the delay! )

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