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Cell Phone Use ???

Cell Phone Use  

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  1. 1. Cell Phone Use

    • Yes! - On persons' at all times!
    • Yes - Use it most of the time
    • Yes - Just for business
    • Yes - Try and look normal and important
    • No - Don't care for one
    • No - Don't really need one/afford one
    • No - It's all part of the control conspiracy
    • No - they could cause car accidents/brain damage
    • Had a cell phone - got rid of it
    • Need to get a cell phone

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Down here we call it a mobile phone. I have mine with me at all times when I'm out because I don't have a working watch, so mostly I use it to know what the time is. I also use it to send messages to my husband when I'm bored or when I need to let him know I'll be home late, and he lets me know when his shifts change. I almost never use it to make a phone call because a text message is so much cheaper. The other thing I use it for is to set reminders to do various things that I'll probably forget to do, and I use it as an alarm to get me up in the morning.

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I have hands free calling in my car. I can't sand people driving while holding a cell phone and not being able to stay in their lanes. I've had people yacking on the phone and just changing lanes and almost running me down, because they don't know I'm there. I think it is a ticket-able offense here, as far as I know, but so many people do it the cops don't bother with enforcement. I wish it were treated as drunk driving, because it causes alot of accidents.

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I recently bought the Nokia N73. I use the camera even more than I use the phone functionality (especially on trigger-happy holidays!) and the calendar is exceptionally useful. I keep all my dates and contacts on my Mac and iSync keeps everything in sync so I just need to look at my phone on standby to know what I've got coming up throughout the week. Very handy. :D

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