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Happy Birthday Killean!!!

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Heh, thanks all.


Yup, this certainly proves it. I kill threads. Last birthday I posted second (or close to), and the thread didn't go far. I think the count doubled this year. :D :)


Prove me wrong friends, prove me wrong...


Too bad the drinking age in Canada is 18 or it would have been even greater!
I more than made up for it on my 18th, and the rest was covered by my 19th.


You know that you're my very favoritest developer around, right, Kill?
Irish! What would Mr. Irish say if he knew?! You must forget about me my dear, he is the better man who has stolen your heart, moreso on this day of beautiful crimson fuchsia.



If not Canada, where?

If not now, when?

If not Killean. who?

Oh oh I love this game!

1) Approx. 8 feet below Canada.

2) Tomorrow sound good?

3) Killean is not as important as his parent (TorBot), and his god/master (GAHD). Think they qualify?



Now if you all excuse me, I got to go get loaded, breaking several Adminly laws.

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