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New Server Needed: Input Wanted


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Our forums are growing to a point where we are going to need a new hosting solution soon. We would like your input and possibly, your help.


Did you just receive 6 newsletters from us? It's a symptom of the times.


We are currently hosted on a shared plan at a reputable host. We are, however, experiencing technical difficulties and need to look at new options with more room to grow.


We can choose VPS (virtual private server) hosting, or a dedicated server.


Killean, our dev team leader, and I need your input on what we should do.


We also need to know if you have any experience in Linux administration and would be interested in helping out.


If you have recommendations for a host, please post them here, with links to the plan. If you'd like to help out, feel free to PM me. We are only looking for one or two more people (we already have a dev team who will be in charge of running this server, but we want to strengthen the team if we can).


Keep in mind that our hosting budget is not huge. We currently pay $25. We could stretch it to, say, $60 - but the point here is really to find out what options we have and then see how much money we need to be prepared to spend.


Since our forums is a community I feel it is important to hear what people here have to say! Please provide your feedback and thoughts. :hihi:

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I am not so sure about this, how about http://www.invisionpower.com/ip.dynamic/products/board/index.html?


But I think... it is too expensive. :gift:


That is actually a competing product to the one we already use. We need hosting, not new software. :surprise:


But we have resolved our problems and have leased a new server - and hopefully we will be moving to it within a few weeks.

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