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The SAT and 1/4 point deduction


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When grading do "they" mark off 1/4 point for each wrong answer you mark down?


Anyone know more about this point deduction system?


I was reading more on this and then found this out.


I was thinking, "WTF? What's the reason for this?"


Well, I read somewhere they changed the test format in March of 2005, so I don't know about any current updates. However, it's always nice to know that someone is trying to pull a quick one on you.

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I don't know about the changes, but they used to deduct for wrong answers, no points for blanks, and positive points for correct answers. Because of this you got 200 points for signing your name on each half of the test (verbal/math). There were 600 points to gain or 200 points to lose on each half, so you could get a combined score between 0 and 1600.


First thing they taught us in prepping for SATs was if you didn't know the answer, leave it blank.


I preferred the ASVAB.



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I believe that the system of deducting points for wrong answers is meant to counter the possibility of guessing your way to a good score. If there was no deduction for wrong answers it would be a viable strategy to guess on many of the questions, however, since there is deduction for wrong answers, your score is much more indicitive of your actual knowledge.

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