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The jet propulsion with closed combustion type

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looks like the inside of a pulsating shower head. alot like a rodial engine.   purty neat engines here http://www.keveney.com

Dear DFINITLYDISTRUBD:   I suggest firstly you fixed the engine with a shelf. after adjust it ,it can work normally, You let it drive your cart.

dear all:   I always think whether the new jet can work under various conditions. to adopt some cases if it must be adjusted.   In some cases we hope the jet provides less push force than common. I a

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dear all:


I always think whether the new jet can work under various conditions. to adopt some cases if it must be adjusted.


In some cases we hope the jet provides less push force than common. I analyse the mass current by Engineering Themodynamics, we may need to adjust the jet to ensure work orderly.we may need to reduce the size of inlet a little to suck less air.

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Dear All:


As to the new type jet engine,for a specialist factory, I would like them to set the incease rate of gas pressure by the blower around 2 times, then set the combustion incease gas pressure by 8-9 times instead of 9 -10 times that I mentioned before.

the advantages are: more efficiency; lower temperature after combustion;a little higher frequency, better ability to fit ravious conditions.better bear force condition on some main parts,

If I set the blower increase gas pressure much higher , definitely the efficicency will incrase, to realize will be more difficult.

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don't worry,don't hurry.

It is a complicated machine, you should do carefully. Each step will be done only after you think over it. It has been oven ten years after I proposed the idea for first time.

I only doult if you can ensure the combustion closed or neally closed. and how do you adjust them for work orderly.

we are in different country, otherwise I will help you. any technical question you meet, You can tell me, I try my best to give you suggestion.

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If you are eliminating noise, you may be refering to destructive interferance. But that requires quite precise calculations due to wavelength, frequency, all that other aucoustical stuff. Physics 101 - if you space the two noise-creating objects the precise distance apart from one another you can create destructive interferance. Look into it...just a thought.

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Turelly it is hard to spread into market. meanwhile it will take a lot of money and overcome some big technical issues.

to let more people know is that I must draw or make a detailed description. I will do later.


I am sure it will take much more than working out the technical problems, it will also require optimization, to get it up to speed with major producers of the same product.


Take this into consideration:


After your patent, You have to find a market that will purchase your product. This could be very difficult to do. Here's why:


1. You have to provide something that the consumer needs. (jet engine)

2. You have to sell it cheaper, which means cheaper production, cheaper marketing, cheaper materials, etc.

3. It has to have some control or function that will ultimately benefit the consumer some way, better than the current producer they are buying from.

4. It has to be able to meet the standards set by the government.

5. It has to be usable, (and by this I mean low-maintenance, cost effective, reliable, practical....the consumer doesnt want to spend any more money on your product than they must).


You might have the next best thing since sliced bread, but if it isn't benefiting anyone, if there isnt a demand for it, or if it isn't practical and able to be plugged right into our high-speed society with minimal resistance, then what good is it?


Just some food for thought...check out this link, it is General Electric's New GEnx TurboFan Engine: http://www.geae.com/education/theatre/genx/


Hope this helps!




"How strong are thou?Are ye Strong Enough to ride the Clouds?" ~Hudson Soft

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If you adopt the rotary valve, you would notice the new issues though I am not familiar your rotary valve.

1. can the valve bear the high temperature?

2. Does the valve's gate have enough strength to bear the pressure of gas/

Further question;

Does the rotary valve only serve a chamber? I deigned couples of chambers.If you only use one chamber, the stability became a little worse.

How to drive the rotary valve, In my design that it is driven by the turbine directly.If you do so,I suggest that the energy for turbine can be adjusted to a extent,thus the rotary valve's speed can be changable.You may need to adjust the current of gas through the turbine a little.

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Dear seeking_aeolus:


As to the noise, I agree there are big noise occur while the gas run from the chamber to the branch pipes.I have a new idea how to reduce the bad effect.If the gas' speed at the outlet over sonic speed. the noice isn't easy to spread from inside from the outlet.

generally the noise from the outlet is the main sourse.I also can use other method to isolate the noise.

The solution you proposed is a good idea. I amn't sure that it is easy to realize.


response your last post,If at last I think a new jet is better than the current jet, I would acquire it better at main aspects; efficiency,weight,life reliablity.At least not worse than the current one at certain aspect.In the whole it is better than the current one obviously. otherwise nobody wants it.

There are some course/detail that I am not clear that how to analyse sciencally or realize reliable though i have thought the m a long time. maybe depend on experiment.


pls advise

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